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Inexpensive tube, good product! Want to pump!

Inexpensive tube, good product! Want to pump!

I found some clear acrylic tubes today, via a vendor, thru work, (he gave me the company discount!) it was $27.00 for a 2”id x 12” x 1/8” thick. It’s open on both ends.

I decided to make my own, I finished it today, and it took about 3 hours! Not bad!

I closed off one end and flared the other end, similar to the “San Francisco pump-Tube” which happens to be the only one that I’ve seen, but it was $70.00. Saving money is everything, since I have two kids in college.

I don’t know the legalities, but if I could help other guys save some money, I would be willing to pick up these clear acrylic tubes for people if they pay shipping and/or INS, and slip me $5.00 for my troubles? They come in any diameter and length, they are available in 1/8 and 1/4” wall thickness…No colors just clear… 1/8 is plenty strong, not like that cheap stuff on the net.

I got the vacuum pump at Schucks. For $35.00

Good Luck!

Hey rodm,

Welcome to the forum!!!

I think you may want to look for a new supplier. :) From what I have heard, you should have got a five foot piece for that price. Check McMaster-Carr, they may have it at a more reasonable price.

I don’t have a problem with you helping the other guys out, but be prepared to ship first and get paid upon receipt.

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utoh I got took? Oh man, thanks for the reply.

Hi. does any one no supplier in uk love your forum.


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