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I heard that prolonged pumping can cause impotence. Does anyone know anything about this or has anyone been pumping for years and experienced these type of problems.


The short answer (and it’s as valid as the long answer) is that many informed urologists are actually recommending sensible pumping these days to their patients with ED.

I’ve been pumping regularly now for just short of 2.5 years. I know for a fact that my penile vascular system works as well or better than guys decades younger than I. I will always need a crutch from Viagra or one of the vasoldialators because of a medication that I took for years which did more damage than I can recover totally with pumping. But I’m operating now in the fast lane and that’s all I care about, at least from a sexual point of view.

In general (chime in here, guys) pumping increases erectile ability. Overdoing it is another story.



Read “vacuum pumping 101”. The author of that thread has been pumping for about 3 years. The pumpers in that thread say they get better errections now than they did before pumping. Read the thread. There is a lot of great info there.


If you start pumping at the age of 20yr and continue doing it for more than eighty years you will probably end up impotent.


I think avocet8 said it right when he indicated that as long as the pumping is sensible and not overdone, you should be more than okay.

In my early days of pumping, I did some experimentation with increased length of time in the tube and higher intensities. Generally, these more extreme routines resulted in a large but overswollen dick that looked temporarily impressive. But the next day, I would notice a more drastic transition of my dick back to an even smaller and less engorged flaccid size. Also, my erectile capability would be lessened. Things always came back to normal though in two days or less, and I learned my lesson.

These experiments and less extreme future pumping adventures convinced me that the best results were achieved via LOWER INTENSITY/LOWER DURATION pumping on a very regular basis. The results then became more consistent, particularly in terms of penile health, ability to gain erections, larger hanging/flaccid size and permanent length and girth increases over a period of time.

So, don’t overdo the pumping and you should be alright.

Peforeal (fairly regular pumper for 3 years)

Re: impotence?

Originally posted by larry
I heard that prolonged pumping can cause impotence. Does anyone know anything about this or has anyone been pumping for years and experienced these type of problems.


I bought my first pumping gear in 1989 and then it was for play with gay buds.

In 1908 I was hospitalized for a month with HIV encephalopathy.
For some years I’ve kept orgasmic records….I did not have an erection or orgasm for four months.

I subscribed to Alt.SupportImpotence NewsGroup and read posts by men the pumping improved their erectile capabilities. I got out pumping gear and began pumping again. Through pumping I restored regular patterns of nocturnal erections (NEs) and piss hardons (PHs)….to me these are my most important erections as they facilitate sexual erections.

I pump my dick regularly!

Being HIV+ and 65 I don’t have alot of 3D sexual partners…not to worry, I’ve perfected my cybersex skills (homoerotic videos, images and stories become predictive after the first pass).

Morning that i’m going to cyber (read almost daily), I mix 5 gms L-Arginine (LA)in small amount of apple juice….drink….LA is precursor of nitric oxide (NO), the very, very short lived gas (~3-5 sec) that causes erections.

For cybering, I like “edgining” for 30 - 45 mins before tossing off. During that time my erection with wax/wane with respect to firmness…when I toss off my dick is very hard.

If anythinng, almost daily pumping supports health of my dick.

When I go for the whole nine yards….ramping up from 1 3/4 x 8” > 2 x 9” cylinders….my dick’s dorsal and lateral veins becomes markedly distended and have grown larger over the past couple of years, implying increasing vascular growth.

To be sure I have erectile dysfunction (ED), but I had ED before I began pumping. IMO my ED is not absolute.

Just my experiences….

OR eon
65 yo
HIV+ GayMan

Thanks for replys guys, I was wondering avocet8 what medication caused this, and was you warned. I am currently taking many medications for prostadynia, I am 20 yr old and am not currently PEing. My question was hypothetical, I have a friend that is doing it though am I am worried about him. I am a former PEer if anyone wants to know. Since my problems I thought pumping is what I should have done in the first place. My condition may or may not be PE related, I stoped PEing for 3 months before I had problems.

Larry, there is a whole laundry list of medications that contribute to ED or can.

For starters, this article on Medscape is interesting in terms of anti-hypertensives.

I’ll look up a more general list for you which includes OverTheCounter drugs like “cold remedies” , and specific prescription meds like anti-depressants, etc.

For you java and soft drink lovers, heavy caffeine use can be an erection buster.

In my case, years of a beta-blocker anti-hypertensive combined with a thiazide diuretic did me the damage. But a lot of this can be reversable if you put in the pumping/PE time.



Gee Oreon, at 76 I’m still a youngster compared to you. Your post states “In 1908 I was hospitalized….”.

He’s a lot older than he looks (I’m creapin’ up on you, OR eon). I think he meant to say that he started pumping in 1908. He’s been at it a lot longer than most of us here.

In 1908, he built his first pump using one of the early Victrola sound cones as a cylinder. A clever concept, even if it created temporarily, a very pointy glans. He quickly worked out the kinks and still holds the patent on a later prototype.

He knows a lot of stuff about ED and you can trust him on pumping, too.

However, do not be talked into buying one of his early concept pieces, except maybe for use as a rose vase.




Originally posted by bud_do
Gee Oreon, at 76 I'm still a youngster compared to you. Your post states “In 1908 I was hospitalized….”.

Duh! What can I say….but that’s it’s due to HIV dementia and residual HIV encephalopathy.

Was hospitalized in 1998.

Thanks for catching my poor proof reading.

OR eon

Originally posted by avocet8

However, do not be talked into buying one of his early concept pieces, except maybe for use as a rose vase.

Nah Man… dun all sold out of those. Later model made out of styrofoam cup is still available.

BTW, recently member from one of Yahoo pumping groups to which I belong had converted molded plastic, top to 100 CD-Rs container, into cylinder for pumping his dick and nuts….variation on Sun Tea Jar and other suitable containers.

OR eon

OR eon;

Ya gotta love technology!



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