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My question is I purchased recently a new cylinder from lapdist that is 1 and 3/4 inches, in width, and was wondering if it would work with my pump. It seems to be that all the quality cylinders and pumps have the same universal connectors (couplers), I haven’t received it yet so I became a little bit worried.

Most quality pumps should have the same couplers. If not, it should be a relatively easy modification.

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Second question: what do you guys believe is the best way to gain. Should I jelq before or after using the pump, I’m going for length and girth currently my penis is 6.5L and 5W, I am nervous about using hanging devices that you wear for an hour and hanging things of or pull on it until your penis grows cold, can I achieve my results from just jelq and pump

I feel it best to jelq before and after. Before warms up the penis and gets the blood flowing and makes it “pliable”. Jelq after to get the blood circulating and to reduce lymph build up. A lot of people seem to say jelquing helps to cement gains also.