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I'm 6 x 5.8 Want to pump for more girth


I'm 6 x 5.8 Want to pump for more girth


I’m thinking about buying a good pump

Though my girth is OK, I still want to try to add a little on.

If my girth is already 5.8 mid and 6.1 base should I bother trying?

Could this girth attempt injure my already OK girth

I have been doing PE for a while, and have seen OK gains with girth already but wonder if I could really get some going on the way to 7 inches with girth?

Any advice would be great

Am I allowed to ask this Found great cheap pump

I have link of a pump that looks good and cheap for what it is

I think everyone could benefit from the link If it is a good item

I don’t want the mods to think that I’m advertising, so I shall ask first

Can I post the link?

I’m sure it’s a no no, but this looks like such a great deal, really cheap as well

YOu might find that 7 in is too much for sex with your partner.

But a pump wouold tend to even out the girth

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Im pretty sure you’re allowed to post it. I’m sure there are stipulations. I have posted links here before.

No links to porn, of course. Other than that, go ahead.

You have this pump? Or do you want input on it?

regards, mgus

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petit’s right.

Be careful what you wish for.

5.8 mid is already thick. Be careful how much you add on.

Blow jobs, for example, become very toothy at around 6 G; and _real_ toothy beyond it. :)



Yep I am 5.75 EGM and my mushroom head is 6.5”. I had a heck of a time getting girls comfortable to let me get it in. My length is 7” NBPEL and this is perfect IMO. Any longer and I would bottom out harder and not be able to get in all the way to grind on her. Just get to where you are considered “above average” and be happy with it my friend.

Maybe he wants to be the next Shorty Mac.

His films rock

Shorty for the win

Look at package deal P134 on this link from picturebrite. It is a much better metal pump and less expensive then the one you found. I am sure they ship to the UK, but even with the cost of shipping it is much cheaper and better quality.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Just bought a pump with gauge starting routine

I’m starting pumping and wondered what pressure I should use to start.

I have looked around but found a lot of different points of view and wondered if there are any new pumpers out there that have found a good warmup routine for pumping.

I don’t want to blow my cock off you see, I’ve stuck to a newbie routine for some time and don’t want to ruin it by overdoing the pumping

Any experts want to say anything feel free

I have used a pump before but it was cheap and had no gauge

I heard 4-5hg is a good place to start for 10 minutes, but that sounds a little too much for a pumping noob

Please don’t start a new thread for every singly thing you want to post. Try grouping three threads on about the same topic in one single thread. Also, end your sentences with a comma and apply proper grammar.

He meant, end them with a period.



Yes, thanks. :)

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