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If you gained from pumping what was your routine ?

If you gained from pumping what was your routine ?

Just like the title says.
If you made any gains from pumping either on its own or as part of a routine then please post what you were doing ?.

Time, pressure, days on /off, heat, water or air, dynamic or static, other exercises, basically anything useful.

There seems to be a lot more interest in pumping around the forums these days so I figure it would help to look for any common factors in successful routines.

I started 4.5 years ago doing two 20 minute sessions at 5 hg (morning and before bed) five or six days a week. After about six months, I modified each session to three 10 minute sessions, each followed by three Ulies ( see Avoset8’s pumping for ED). I also added one 45 minute session at 4 hg once a week. After four years, I reached my goal of 5.25” so I have reduced my routine to one 20 minute session a day, five or six days a week to be sure I maintain my goal.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Come on guys, surely there’s more gainers out there ?

A thread with a poll (just a Yes-No option) and asking for a brief description of personal routine maybe would have more replies.


Water pumping. Hard to say what hg. Hot water 10minutes. 50 jelqs. Cold water 10 minutes. Gains are awesome but temporary. Don’t know if that count.

Gained girth 1 inch. Length 1 inch.

Been pumping for years. All different routines most of which can be found here at TP. I’ve not achieved any permanent gains and no temporary length gains just temporary girth.

Well it’s not looking great for pumping so far, that’s 3 of us with no permanent gains and 1 with.

Let’s keep this going, it’s all good information.

When I was pumping on a regular basis I gained about 1/4 inch. It stuck around for a couple of weeks, but then I stopped setting time aside for it.

Many people seem to stick to 20-30 minutes per day. I think that in many cases more time is better.

The forces involved when pumping are actually fairly low. For instance, 5”Hg is roughly equal to a straight out pull of 2.5kg (varies due to girth). If someone was hanging 5.5lbs straight out for just 20 minutes a day, no one would expect him to gain much length.

The circumferential force is probably upward of twice that (requires a few simplifying approximations) but time is still an issue if we compare static pumping to other static force applications in PE (hanging, extenders).

The main obstacles in pumping seem to be fluid buildup and the sensitive tissue outside the tunica, both limiting the vacuum strength and the time we can safely use.

I haven’t gained anything from pumping either, but I’m still experimenting with the dynamic approach. If I ever give up on this, I would attempt to follow the hanging philosophy of 10+ hours/week at a low/medium vacuum strength (assuming I could find a way to do it without fluid retention).

I’ve only been pumping for about three weeks now, so obviously I can’t speak to long-term gains. I’m pretty satisfied with the immediate effects of pumping, though, particularly compared to what I was getting from my clamping routine. I have much less fluid build-up, much more even girth expansion along the whole shaft, no aches, no donutting, and much happier, more even-toned skin. An added bonus for me is that I don’t need to watch porn to keep myself pumped up, which was pretty much a requirement when I was clamping.

My daily water pump routine is two 15 minute sessions in a warm tub, with a five minute break in between. Not sure what the pressure is, but I’m increasing the normal vacuum capacity of my Hydromax with a hand pump I rigged up (basically converted it with household items into an Xtreme). My main purpose with pumping is to maintain my current girth while I start focusing on length and stretching.

I started pumping a few years years ago and have made solid gains. I have gained 1/2 inch plus in girth, and in combination with other techniques, 1/2 inch in length. I haven’t measured in quite a while, but as of my last measurement, my stats are somewhere around 8.2” x 6.7”.

I have adjusted my routine constantly over the years, but when I started, I was doing to 15 minutes sessions at about 5 to 7 Hg. I have a pretty detailed log of my sessions and routines over at another forum if you’d like to take a look. But to save time and typing here, my routine now consists solidly of pumping and jelqing.

My sessions last anywhere from 45 min to 3 hours, depending on if I ball pump during the session. My pressure has also increased pretty dramatically and now my floor is 12 to 15 Hg and my ceiling is upwards of 22 Hg. My pressure may be pretty high, but I am trying to achieve more length through pumping, and although I have not measured as of yet, I can tell that it’s working.

My typical routine starts with 15 min in my 2.25 then I will do for approx 50-100 jelqs. If I’m just doing a cock-only session, I’ll go two more 15 min sets a set of jelq afterwards, using a 2.5 cylinder on the third set.

If I’m doing a full package session, after the second set, I will switch to my 3.5 full package tube for about 30 min at a max of 8 Hg. After that, generally it’s another 1.5 hours i my LongJohnny (sometimes I will wet pump with epsom salt).

By the time I am done, depending on how I used pressure, I may have a donut. So I will use the 2.25 or the 2.5 for shaping for about 15-20 min. Post pump is a cold compress for about a minute or so and then depending on if it’s a morning or evening session, a hot shower. I’ve found that the cold compress and then the hot water helps keep my flaccid fuller and heavier much longer. I also use a leather ball strap that I wrap around my whole package to help maintain the temp gains. I will wear that off and on for the next 12 hours or so. I have a large silicone ring that I will put on midway thru my ball pump sessions that really helps expansion as well.

Starting stats: 7.5" BPEL x 6.2" MEG

Current Stats BPEL: 8.2" [NBPEL: 7.6"] EG: 6.8" - Goal: 9x7 and beyond (going Diesel Big!)

My Progress Thread/Log - Tracking progress with the iLogPE App

Thanks iLog.

This is maybe a hard question to answer but why do you think you’ve had success with pumping when so many haven’t ?

Sorry - last post got cut.

Some guys respond to some techniques and devices better than others I guess. For instance, I’m a hard length gainer but girth comes easier. There are a few things that I do that I help think.

One has been the pressure increase I’ve made over the last year - that’s really helped. A light bulb went off and I saw that staying at low pressures all the time would do nothing for length. The increases not only have helped me with my length, but it also has really helped in girth.

Another thing is that I am ALWAYS engaging in some form of PE; pumping, stretching, jelqing. There was a time when I conducted multiple sessions a day (I think I may go back to that soon).

And I am always tinkering and modifying my routine. I’m a member of several forums and all of the techniques I’ve picked up along the way have been a great help.

Starting stats: 7.5" BPEL x 6.2" MEG

Current Stats BPEL: 8.2" [NBPEL: 7.6"] EG: 6.8" - Goal: 9x7 and beyond (going Diesel Big!)

My Progress Thread/Log - Tracking progress with the iLogPE App

I’ve been pumping for just over 1 1/2 years and I’ve permanently gained 1/2” length and a little over 3/4” girth.

I started with a $40 air pump w/ gauge and eventually moved on to the bathmate. The first month, I was pumping 2 15 minute sets up to 5hg. All gains were temporary and I just about got fed up until I researched sites such as here and then I added in jelqs. 1 week of that routine and I finally cemented in 1/2” length and 1/4” girth. I kept up with this routine for an additional week but plateaued with those gains so I would gradually pump up the hg each week until I reached 11hg. Never got passed that since my ball sack would start to get sucked in if I did any higher. I cemented another 0.2” girth and my length stayed. Finally, after 8 months of this routine, I moved on to the bathmate since a lot of people here and PEGym recommend it. I noticed right away that my pumps were much larger and the best part was that my erection stiffness was through the roof! I loved it. After 2 weeks of the bathmate and jelq routine, I cemented what would be my final 1/4” of extra girth. No additional length gains.

3 months later, I stopped using the bathmate because it became inconvenient for me to use anymore and the wife wasn’t a fan watching me use it and spending extra time in the shower. She didn’t mind the air pump however so I got back to using that. I’ve kept all my gains and as of today I only jelq once a week for maintenance and enjoyment.

Summary: Pumping will work for you if you add in exercises that get the blood flowing after a good pump. The key is finding the particular techniques that work for you. There is no holy grail, be all, end all program that will work for everybody. You will know when you find the right combination. Its an unmistakable feeling and your penis will respond to the workout with results showing fairly quickly. Its not immediate so be patient.

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