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If you gained from pumping what was your routine ?

My routine is not far from the bathmate recommendations,

Warm hot bath, pump and hold for 5 minutes, or until water gets cold in tube, refill with hot water, pump and hold for 5 minutes again, repeat procedure until I have pumped for a total of 20 minutes.

I have seen quarter inch growth in length and about an inch in girth, the important thing for me is erectile quality, as my physiology is grower not shower.

I have been doing 2 x 25 min sets every day at 4inhg with an infrared heat lamp for about 11 weeks now gained a bit of grth and a bit of length only about 5mm hopefully more will come soon.

Originally Posted by baywatch
Been pumping for years. All different routines most of which can be found here at TP. I’ve not achieved any permanent gains and no temporary length gains just temporary girth.

Don’t let posts like these discourage you. Without knowing more, it’s impossible to tell if it was ineffective or poorly prepared. I’ve pumped for ‘years’ too but never consistently. Just another example of partial information.

Finally getting my 2.5" cylinder to produce fast results. Feel free to ask me any medically related question, I have a background in it.

I think various routines have worked for me all of them I sourced here on Thunders. There have been periods where I have not pumped for nearly a year or have pumped inconsistently and still maintained majority of my gains.

I started out with the routine outline in Pumping 101 and over time have adjusted it to better suit my circumstances. In my case, multiple sets with medium pressure, I am often happy with 20min x 3 or 30min x 2 with jelqing in between sets. Consistency is magic component to my arsenal. I don’t care much what my post pump bulge looks like, I have enjoyed solid results without experiencing notable post pump expansion.

I enjoy pumping because it gives results, allows me to keep my hands free and atttend to other matters. I am forever grateful to Thunders Place.

05/12/2005 : BPEL: 6.1"x EG:5.5" Current as of : 24/12/2011 : BPEL 7.87" x EG: 6.3" Long term Goal 8.5"x 6.4"

" There is only one option success; for failure is the refusal to persist"

Interesting, you have made great gains! How much did you gain from sole pumping? How long did it take?

Good to see guys are still contributing to this thread with results, keep the success stories coming.

Pumping has helped me. I have gained in length as well as in girth.

My programme is divided between jelqing and pumping. Three 5 minute jelqing sessions divided by two pumping stints, between 5-7 minutes each. I have a sensitive unit and can suffer from stinging and irretabilty so light sessions and rest are key for me - keeping pressure between 2.5 - 3.5 hg’s. I tend to PE 4-5 times per week.

I’m happy with my progress and thank the good people here for helping me modify my routines over the past 15 months.

What means dynamic pumping?

nov.2010: BPEL 5,7" (14,5) MSEG 4,9" (12,5); nov.2013: BPEL 6,8" (17,5) MSEG 6,1" (15,5) FL 5" (12,7) FG 5,1" (13,0); aprill 2016: BPEL 7,3" (18,5) MSEG 6,2" (15,8) FL 5,2" (13,2) FG 5,1" (13,0)

Goal: BPEL 8" (20,5) MSEG 6,3" (16,0) FL 5,9" (15,0)


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