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Ideal pump size

Ideal pump size

Hey guys,

I just bought a pump and was hoping it should be about right size for me. The pump is 2.75” width.

I am 6” EL and 5.5” EG.

Thanks guys.

Hey gmanea, from what I’ve read, you might have too wide of a tube. As mentioned by Modemmer, you don’t want your balls/sack sucked into the tube! Yet, you want a little room for growth. I’m right at your girth and I use a 2” tube. This is just my humble opinion. I hope it helps. Oh, there’s a link a few threads back that will help you size your tube.


Yes… That tube will be about 1” larger than what is suggested for your girth. You should start out with the 1.75” tube!



Geez, 1.75” isnt that a bit small? I mean that is my width already, how am I supposed to grow ? What do you guys think if i get the 2.25” tube instead of 2.75” ? That is like halfway between.


I have a girth of 6.25” and I use a 2” tube. A tube 2.25 would be big for me.


Ok Guys,
I have changed to order to a 2” tube. This will give me a little room to grow and should be ok, at least I will be able to get my member inside it, im a little over 1.75” width, bit over 5.5” EG. 2” should be small enough still but room to grow.

Could you believe I originally ordered 3.5” tube >


If we all grew according to the size tube we bought, this PE would be real easy!



lol yeh true, if that was the case I think I would buy a 10” by 2.5” tube

And they make them bigger than that.

But at some point, and I don’t know what that is, you can only use so much in penetrative sex.

Still, nice to fantacize. :-)



yes I know they make em much bigger but 10” long and 2.5” wide is perfect for me lol, maybe little over perfect for the females

modemmer etc......

I am around 5.5 girth, but a bit more than 2” “wide” - across that is…..

I suppose Im ‘wider’ than normal, but relatively not that “high”

these are confusing terms I know, but if I got a 2” tube then I might not fit in it erect (sideways) but would expand heightwise, if this makes any sense……

any suggestions??

If you are 5.5” girth I doubt you are 2” wide, check to see you measure correctly. If you are 2” wide your girth would be above 6” i think.


With a protracter (those tools that draw circles with a pencil attached; they’re cheap, dime stores have them), draw a few circles on a piece of paper: 1.75” diameter, 2”, 2.25”. Cut these out and with a hard-on see which is likely to give you the best fit.

I don’t know the diameters of common household tubes (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, etc.) but they might be a help too in determining your best cylinder size.



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