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I want to buy a pump just jump in

I want to buy a pump just jump in


I want to get a pump I want to pump as I do the newbie routine.

I never really completed it yet, I always start than just stop

Soo can you guys help me stay motivated. I figure if I have a pump

I can do my newbie routine than pump afterwards to keep me motivated.

So any pump recommendations ect.. Like ebay brands or w.e I can pay with paypal.

Thank you very much

Get a Velseal cylinder from Pumptoys .

Get a brass hand pump from Harbor Freight Tools .

Take your time, be safe, and don’t over do it .

Good luck !

The first time your dick gets large—you’ll stay motivated. Take your time and work at lower vacuum; otherwise you’ll bruise and turn purple or have blisters which with DEMOTIVATE you and then you’ll have to stop to heal for a month. Take breaks every 8-10 minutes, use plenty of lube,keep tube warm with a hot wash cloth and towel wrapped—reheating washcloth in microwave works well, shave yourself. And….be happy.

Harbor Freight regularly places coupons in Auto magazines to buy the “break bleeder” for $16.95. I have a VelSeal with a soft silicone collar which is very comfortable’ however the collor reduces the diameter of the opening by 1/8 - 1/4 inch which makes it a bit restrictive, especially when you pack the cylinder.

I also have an LApump Wide Mouth cylinder which is oval and has a flanged end. Also very comfortable. If your shaft is oval shaped, you should consider this.

The Valtech and Boston Pump are also highly regarded.

I don;t think you can go wrong with any of the cylinders recommended so far. They are all quality products. Go on line for each and pick the one that seems tro meet your needs/budget.

It would help if they said what size tubing they use and such, but from the look of it, it should work.

You could always make your own, which cost a lot less in my opinion.

Go to any pet store you have in your area and find an “under gravel filter tube”. Find the right dimensions for your unit, you might have to cut the length down because most of those tubes are pretty long. After you cut it you can put that tool handle dip on the cut end to smooth things out. It also helps create a good seal. After you have the tube good to go, you can go to an auto store and buy a mighty vac pump. Any hardware store will carry the hose fittings you might need. Mine has worked for….3-4 years.

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