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I can't get really good expansion

I can't get really good expansion

Well, I’ve been pumping for awhile now. I bought a new cylinder online a 3 x 12. I know it’s quite large but I just wanted to really work on girth and not have to buy multiple cylinders. NOw my problem is when I used to pump in my 2 inch tube I would get really good expansion and when I pulled out the tube I would be really fat after like 15 minutes. However, with my 3 inch tube I leave it in the same about of time and I don’t get that great of expansion. I’ve also even left it in the tub for an hour and still didn’t get any fluid build up which I would have normally got in my other one.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Have you tried water pumping? I had the same problem and found that if I pump with water it really helps.

Unless you have superhuman girth, a 3” cylinder is far too big. See gprent’s excellent thread on selecting your cylinder size. Before reading that thread I had made some bad (and expensive) cylinder size choices.

If you are getting great expansion with it, why aren’t you using the 2 inch tube?

While it’s a huge step from 2” to 3” you might want to wait until you are packing the 2” and then switch to the 3”. Going up to a larger tube in mid pumping session isn’t unusual and may be worth a try.

Still, 3” is a pretty big tube. That’s almost 9.5” circumference which is generally only useful for package pumping.

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Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

Try this

Pack the 2” tube, then swap to the 3”. Use a heat sock wrapped around the tubes when you do it. It speeds up the process. You really should be going from a 2.25 from a 2

I start with a 1.75 then work up to a 2. I am almost ready for a 2.25.

Good luck

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