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I can't figure this out


I can't figure this out

I have actually talked about this before.

But my accurate bp length (Fully engorged and kegaled) is 6 3/4”.

My nbp is an inch less.

But When I enter the pump and pump up to max expansion. (Not over 5 hg’s of course)

The marks I made on the pump read 5 1/2”.

And it’s pretty snug into my pelvic area.

So even setting the ruler on my dick is bigger than what I measure in the tube.

How does that make sense?

Do you have a tight tube? Due you use lubrication? Maybe it’s expanding and getting jammed?

When I’ve pumped to get an extra pull (at the end of a day of hanging, and autoextender (when I can’t take any more traction from those two methods)), sometimes I wrap below the glans and use my pump to get an extra hour or so of strong pull by pumping up to 12-to-13 hg and holding for as long as is comfortable before releasing back down to 8hg (I don’t recommend this, it’s just something I sometimes do). When I do this I make sure I’m lubed all the way up my unit so that it’ll slide forward more easily.

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Even though the pump may start close to your pubic bone it is not bone pressed.

Mr Fantastic,
No I don’t have a tight tube.
I don’t use lube, but I don’t stick to the walls either.
I also shake it around to keep from sticking.

What you said is a bit of relief.
I get discouraged after a good work out, only to
Start pumping at the end and seem shorter than I started.
Maybe if it isnt gonna measure the same as bone pressed, I can have 3 types of measurement.
Pump p

But I must say I am glad that you said that, because I always thought
That it was all the way down on the bone.
But I do have a thick base, so that makes more sense now.

Originally Posted by pocopeepee
But I do have a thick base, so that makes more sense now.

If you measure from the top of the base up it’ll also reduce the overall measurement. Make sure to include the base in the total measurement.

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Size Myths in the Porn Industry

I usuall try to get as much of the base in there as I can.

Which was why I was so dumbfounded.

I push so hard I thought it had to be bp.


I initially gained length in the pump, but now it is tighter, I seem to be losing length. Try a bigger cylinder.

It maybe expanding girth wise. Some times my penis will get shorter whenever it gets bigger rounder in the tube.

Some of the length is taken up to accommodate the bigger girth.

I do not know if this is what is happening to you or not but could be what you are experiencing.

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

Hmmm, since I am only after length at the moment.

I wonder if I should use a smaller tube.

I got one a while back for length only pumping.

But I didnt really see much for results from it.

And my girth does fill easily, which is why I’m not worried about girth right now.

Maybe I will go back to the small tube, and try again.

Be careful with a smaller tube, it will put a lot of strain on your penis. If you go with a smaller tube you should go a little less with the pressure and maybe keep the pressure on a little more longer before releasing the vacuum. If I used a smaller tube I would only pump at about 1-3 hg at the most. It might take longer to get longer in the tube but it will be gains that came gradually and not too fast.

Plus you should use a tube that is about 1/2 inch bigger than your regular girth. And make sure the tube is well lubricated so whenever you reach the sides it will slide up the tube easier.

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

The way I under stand it is, your in-tube measurement is smaller than your NBP measurement. Is that correct? If so, I think it might be your measuring technique. Does your tube have a flange that is skewing your measurements? Set your tube on a flat surface, then set you ruler on the same surface and get eye level to see if your marks are correct. The thickness of the flange could change your measurements. Or better yet put your ruler inside your tube, then measure.

Started: 7-01-05 BPEL 6.50 in NBP 6.00 EG 4.75 in Now: BPEL 7.5 in NBP 7.0 EG 5 inch (midshaft) Goal: Girth!!

Wwell feeling around that area the pelvic bone (hope that’s the one) surrounds the penis which comes out through a “hole”. Your Bone press length ruler is probabaly sliding into the “hole” but the tube is unable to do that so you are measuring from the protruding front of the bone.

Hope that makes sense.

Nonstock and Petitfaun,

Thanks for the input. The marks are accurate, I made sure of that.
I measure in different areas around my dick to keep from mis-measuring.
And since this thread started, I had a growth spurt of 1/4”.
My tube measurement still reads the same.
It maybe just the way my dick fits inside.
I try not to even think about it, now I just use the marks to see how far my pump stretch gets.

I can’t reach my full erect length at anything under 8hg. I’m probably shorter than my EL when the pressure is just 5hg.

5 hg is almost perfect for me to be at full strength.

If I want to feel a pump though, without any extra sensations of pulling, stretching, or whatever, my sweet spot seems to have leveled off right inbetween 5 and 6 hg. I get a nice slow, mild, but full pump.

I used to do 7 hg a lot, but even though I didn’t feel anything bad, or wrong, I feel I was maxing out my comfort zone. So I dropped it a little.

And it still feels like it is doing a good job. (Although I still can’t even come close to packing the tube.)

Every once in a while, I will take it up to 10 hg.

But only for a few seconds. It gives it an extra stretch,then I release it back to 5 and pump it there.

But even at 10 hg, it only takes it close to my nbp measurement.

I just don’t use the marks for how big I am anymore, but instead a goal line to pump to.

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