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I can't figure this out


Have you tried using lube yet? I think it is a must. I just use hand lotion. I can’t understand how you in-tube measurement could be shorter than you NBP. My in-tube measurement @3 in/Hg is .25 in greater than my NBP, and it is .25 shorter than my BP. Do you keep a good erection in the tube?

Started: 7-01-05 BPEL 6.50 in NBP 6.00 EG 4.75 in Now: BPEL 7.5 in NBP 7.0 EG 5 inch (midshaft) Goal: Girth!!

No, I don’t use lube, but I don’t stick to the tube either.

And believe me , the measurements baffle me too.

Out of the tube, I’m touching 7” bp, and am just over 6” nbp.

In the tube, I start at maybe 5 1/4” , and fully pumped I touch 6”.

If I pump high, just to see if I can get it to stretch, I still can’t get to 6 1/4”.

But I don’t hold it at high pressure for long, for obvious reasons.

And yes I am fully hard. I like to take cialis for pe purposes.

Odd isn’t it.

And even if I was to measure bp, but not push it in hard at all, I still get 6 2/3- 6 3/4”.

But even that doesn’t come close to my pump measurement size.

Could it be that the way that the tube hits - or doesn’t hit - your pelvic bone, it sits higher on the sides of your penis and so doesn’t press in all the way at the top of the penis by the lower belly fat pad where you are taking regular measurements?

One thing I can think of to check if this might be true, is to take a BP measurement with a ruler at the side of the penis (rather than the top), and held at a 90 degree angle to the circumference of the penis (i.e., facing straight towards you). If the pelvic bone at the sides of your penis is higher, measuring this way should catch it and produce a similar result to the measurement on the tube.

I remember reading that measurements taken from the side of the penis can be different, and I think but am not sure they run smaller, indicating that there is some variation in the pelvic bone immediately surrounding the penis that can affect BP measurements.

Good Luck,


Starting, summer '06: 6" EL, 6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG / Currently: Approximately .4" length and .25" girth gains / Stretched ligs .5" - .6", increasing PBFL and flacid hang

Goal: 7.25" BPEL x 5.75" EG, currently over HALF WAY THERE! on length and ACHIEVED GIRTH!

Piercings: 4 Gauge PA (currently not wearing), Two 4 Gauge upper frenums, other non-genital

I actually have to measure from the side.

I had the penis surgery done (and undone) years ago, and have a nasty scar and scar tissue build up on the top. It makes it very hard to bp, and it hurts.

So I try to find a comfortable spot on the upper corner side (as close to the top as I can basically) to measure.

Also that’s why I gave up on using the tube for measurements.

I think maybe my scar tissue interferes with the tube. So I just pump and measure later.

Ok, I guess this thread sucks, because nobody is posting on it. I was really curious because I have been trying different things in the pump. I have been holding a steady 5-6 hg for first set. Then on 2nd set I hold 5-6 hg, but pump it up between 10-15 hg and count to 5 then release a few hg’s of pressure and repeat until back at 5 hg.

3rd set I do that twice.

(I also clamp in between pump sets, and jelq sometimes too.)

Well I notice I not only pack the tube this way, but I get a good 1/2” of length stretch doing this as well.

Then after I’m finished, I jelq anywhere from 50 - 100 strokes.

I noticed that I am fatter longer, and my length holds for a little while. But I was curious if anybody else is trying this or something similar. What are you doing and what are your results.

Please and thank you.

Hmm I don’t know…I’ve been doing 2 sets of heat clamping before 2 sets of pumping and 1 set of standard clamping and one set of cold clamping. I Pump up to 6 1/2 for a few seconds and drop it very slowly to 3 1/2 and stay at that hg and begin the timer. I get more length and base suction that way than if I was just staying at 3 1/2 the whole time. I’m thinking of using a marker and “making a ruler” on the tube. My results… Nothing I’ve not measured yet, but I get great expansion that lasts until the next morning when I begin my routine over again.


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