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I bought bathmate today.Seems to be a well built solid device

What about hydropumping

It works for increase girth or not? Any experience?

I mean bathmate or something similar..

I belive this man

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So bathmate work or not? Watching england disable rugby coachseems yes.

How about learning how to do searches?

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I’ve had a bathmate for a few months now. Can’t say I’ve gained anything directly from it because I’m doing other PE at the same time. Benefits seem to be a good warmup with the water. I don’t think you can hurt your penis with this thing. That’s a benefit. I now have a regular pump with a gauge and that thing could seriously cause your penis to explode if you don’t hold back. So I’m following Avocet’s advice in pumping 101 no matter how much I want to pump like a madman.

So my feeling is there is probably little risk with it and maybe some gain but I’d probably do at least some jelqing and stretching with it to get better gains.

robbie2073, you have posted this same post in three threads here. Please do not do that again.

Marinera has warned you previously about this. I’m warning you again.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Hi I have a question is that bathmate really working out ?

I really want to know between bathmate and stretching device which better ?

They are really two different things, blye10. Which is better is to some degree a matter of personal preference, including your goals, your availability of private time, and your budget.

I would recommend the Newbie Routine first, before getting either a Bathmate or any kind of stretching device.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I agree with Lampwick.

There`s no reason a newbie should even consider pumping or stretching devices.

Why, when you can have potentially great gains without almost zero effort for a while?

The newbie routine, later modified, could be done at least for half a year without much change.

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