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I am testing a "pulsing" penis pump and need comments!


Originally Posted by Mr. Happy
I have a question.

How do you see anything while sleeping?

You have to have good night vision! :)

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Sorry about the post with the video link!

I am going to pump with this everyday for a month and wear my vac-extender throughout the day until I go to sleep. Be awesome if this works out and it was legal for me to make my own penis pumping equipment for sale (I always daydream about making a buck :D ). I have tried many, many things for at least a couple months each and 2 produced results…

With manual PE I gained 1/8” girth after 2-3 months and with chemical PE I gained 1/4” girth after 2 months. I am not certain if the chemical PE gains are permanent yet but I’m fairly certain some of it will be. I get no permanent gains from pumping or extenders and have had no permanent length gains from anything yet. :D

A few days ago I tested out phenibut 2.5 grams and had a great response I will definitely do that again… well “again” came 2 days later and I tried another 2.5 grams and had a lesser effect but still a good effect… “again” came again 2 days after the 2nd trial and I took 2.5 grams then seeing I had a similar effect to the previous try I took another 2.5 grams… a blessing and a curse… I had some of the MOST VIVID THOUGHTS and mental visions ever (all while awake mid you). So real in fact watching the tv series Angel in the morning really really sucked as there was some vampires tripping out on meth and having spider hallucinations. I didn’t see spiders but I am in my room and at places where I useto see spiders in the past I kept thinking I would see one there and would look to see if they were there again LOL

OKOK now for the PE part… taking too much phenibut has a sedating effect I found this out the easy way (by taking far too much). I was also using the pulsing penis pump at the time but with an alarm clock I dont ever lay down without setting it as its a good habit to get into when doing this at night and might get tired IMO and a must when I was doing my chemical PE sessions so was a habbit I already had =) Set it for 3 hours instead of 2 hours and totally expected some lymph buildup but had ZERO and the pump I had and flaccid hang was the best I ever had. Looks like what I expected it to look like everytime I pump but never got and this time I was on phenibut plus asleep part of the time.

One thing I have realized by using phenibut is that its anti-anxiety effects are 100% at least for me they are. Since the mind and thus anxiety can effect gains I think there must be something going on as I never realized how anxiety driven or rather how anxiety driven I was until it was gone. The anti-exiety effects are multiplied a great deal at higher doses this can seriously effect decision making in an unsafe way IMO only do this with a friend that wont talk shit to you while on it…

Another thing it does is increase blood vessel dilation I noticed it especially on the eyelids I have never had such red eyelids. I am also much more sensitive and aware of every move I make and my best description of this sensitivity is that I feel every muscle flex more and get horny over almost nothing. Even tho I am alone I can absolutely feel the love just by thinking about it and I want sex because of it. Not mere sex “love” its the love feeling and its as if having sex with someone who could return some of that feeling that would make that feeling so much strong that I want to do it… too much love in fact but will not get into that even tho I was lone =/

Synopsis… me at around 180 pounds taking 2.5 grams was awesome but noticed the tolerance build even after waiting 48 hours to try it again so tried taking 5 grams which was not the smarted increase to test even tho nothing bad happened… 5 grams is something I dont see me trying again unless I build up a wicked resistance and can handle it better. Just a little extra FYI: Handling it better mostly consists of not puking every time I change position from laying down to standing up. I took that 5 grams all on an empty stomach and had some wicked foamy acid buildup I was puking up… definitely take with food if at all possible or have an ant-acid handy. IOTW my advice: take with food even if not hungry as it seems to kill appetite when taken without food. It does not pass out of the stomach well (in my experience anyway)!


Is the device you are using an unmodified Venus2000, or have you changed it in some way?

I am asking because a couple of years ago when I had more money than brains, I bought the Venus2000 and used it no more than three times, and it’s been in my basement ever since. Well wrapped, and not even dusty (the Venus2000, not me). :)


Its an un-modified venus2000… I use mine modified I guess since I use a rubber cockring to keep the take air out button depressed. Its because of the way that particular air valve works that the max vacuum increases as the speed increases but doesn’t ever get high enough at 3 pulses a second for me to think its a strong vacuum. Now that I think about it several things can effect the vacuum pressure. Penis size increases decrease the volume of air the venus2000 is using and thus the maximum pressure increase. The stroke length its set at can be used to increase or decrease the developed vacuum and feel of it as well…

Just FYI I used it maybe a dozen times before it went into hibernation for months then I decided to try pumping with it. I would not be surprised if getting a week or 2 of use before going into storage is what happens to them all as the initial feel of it gets to be a bit too consistent and thus “old” fast IMO!

Sounds like some of the relationships I’ve had (…gets to be a bit too consistent and thus “old” fast….)

Looks like I may have to bring mine up out of the basement and give it another try. I’ll have to experiment with the rubber cock ring to see how you are using it.


In a month of using this I gained zero for permanent gain except a bunch of skin! I am now trying something a bit different using a 1-3/4” tube bought from, heating pad and the venus 2000.

New method… I use the heating pad at low setting wrapped around the tube 100% of the time to keep things warm. I pump with a manual pump at about 2-3” mercury for 10 minutes then switch to let the venus 2000 do its thing for 10 minutes. After 40 maybe 50 minutes I’m done. The results from the last 3 days look promising I think heat is going to be the key I do not know what I was thinking by not heating up for the first months test of the venus2000.

Takes 5 minutes to really feel the warmth and by 15 minutes its upto about the max temperature it will get (on the low setting). At the end of a pumping I can see just how important heat is to PE. Alot of my problems gaining may have been from not warming up sufficiently!

DIY Venus 2000 traveler unit

At 5Kg the Venus 2000 unit is just too heavy to carry around. I like to build a Venus 2000 type of traveler unit. Since this project involves the reduction of weight, I have a hard time to find a strong enough, yet light-weight air pump.

Is there any such thing?

I would want to borrow one of these before I shell out the $1000.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

BPEL: 8", EG: 6.5" (head) and 5 (shaft), Nutts 1.5”


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