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I am so "PUMPED"!!!

I am so "PUMPED"!!!

Get it? Get it?

OK, hopefully that’s not a lame joke that everybody’s used before, but I’m so excited about my new pump, the MityVac II. I got it last night and hooked it up to my old pump cylinder (whose little cheap hand pump broke.) It fit right up perfectly, so off I went. It was great to start pumping again. Started out with a warm-up, jelqing, then pumping. I loved how easily this pump worked. And, in all the excitement I over-inflated my cock a little. Went a little too high on the pressure, to about 8”. So I got a little bit of donut effect this AM. But not to worry, I know better now. I can’t wait to get home and use it again. Just wanted to let everyone know that the MityVac II works great!

Boys get excited when they have new toys!


Be careful, have fun, get a bigger dick.

Oh yeah, and it only cost me 25 bucks!


Glad to hear you’re having fun with this and that you look forward to more workouts.

Easy does it in the beginning. You have to condition your penis tissue slowly to get the best long-term gains. Once you have conditioned yourself over some weeks or a month with regular sessions, then you can tinker with higher pressures if they are completely tolerable to you.

Every injury means downtime while it heals. Avoid injuries, pump sensibly, and you can have your fun nearly every day. Hope you will allow yourself an off-day or two a week.



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