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I am back

I am back

Hello everybody, after 8 months I´m back. I am going to start reading posts to see what you guys are up to.

I did not have the time and my dick was kind of tired of manual pe. I just used the pump for a short period before my long break. I hope to start manual pe and pumping sessions on monday.

Are you guys still getting good results?



Welcome back Josip,

Getting a jump on your New Years resolutions?

Just take it nice and easy. You are starting as a newbie all over again.

We’re still pumping along, Josip. Glad to have you back. Lots of guys getting results - those working for them. The rest of us are just holding on to what we worked for.

If your dick is tired of manual, just pump for awhile, then gradually work back into a combo of manual and pumping. As gprent told you, take it easy.



Thank you guys, I will take it easy.

I believe that breaks are always good.

By the way I found “All Day Broken Routine?” very interesting.



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