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Hydromax Xtreme Vacuum Gauge Mod?

Hydromax Xtreme Vacuum Gauge Mod?

i have an x30 and x40 both extreme models. These have a handball pump attachment that works very well. Still no vacuum gauge.

I’ve been pondering with the idea of buying a brake bleeder pump with a gauge and reservoir and attaching it in place of the actual handball pump. Do any of you fellow pumpers or bathmate users know if the one way valve will affect the reading on the gauge? It seems to me that it would register the vacuum inside the tube when the pump is activated and regardless of the valve closing it should read the same vacuum in the line between the valve and the pump.

Thoughts gentlemen before I go spend $50 on a pump that won’t work.

Sounds good, I have x40 Extremene and the pump ball split after a couple of months and have been thinking about doing the same thing

I don’t know if it would work. I bought the pump with the gauge today but the reservoir seems to not be sealed 100% therefor not allowing vacuum to build. I may just half fill my path mate and use that pump anyway just being careful not to pump any water into the line.

Ok did you get a brake bleeder

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