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Hydro Pump from A.C.M.E.

Hydro Pump from A.C.M.E.

I have developed an interest in investing in a good quality manual pump and came across a site that sells a midivac device with a reservoir that you fill with warm water. This site explains the value of water vs. Air. I have found very little information about how to use water and without damaging the pump mechanics so I wanted to receive some feedback on anyone who may use this device or prefers utilizing water vs. Air.

Thanks, DJBEAN9

I would be interested in this info too.


Oh shit

My ABSOLUTE WORST experience with vacuum pumping was when my wife was sick, and I had the liberty of a totaly free bath, and I decided to take my homemade pump into the warm water. Unbelievably effective! Until I dried off with the most horrendous “water blisters” on the glans - can’t see the markings now (just looked) but in certain conditions I’m sure I can still see them five years later.

Be real careful….

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