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hydro pump evaluation



Thanks for the advice. My max pressure is and will continue to be 5 Hg for a long time. I am only using the pump to expand my tissues after hanging all day- but I will keep an eye on the time :)

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Hi 2in2002 and Others,

I am looking to buy a pump and ran across the hydro pump site.

I’ve actually had one of the cheap porn store models many years ago for a short time, but it never sealed properly and sucked my balls into it and overall seemed to be cheaply made.

I was wondering what you thought about the quality of the hydro pump tube vs the others that are mentioned on here from LA and Pumptoys?

Do you have to use this in a bath tub type enviroment to avoid getting water all over the place?

Is it more dangerous to pump wet vs dry?

I have pretty much decided to go with a 1.75” x 10” size tube. Would that be the same if I was to go with the hydro pump?

Can the hydro pump be used dry without water or is there something about it that requires you to use water?

Sorry for the newbie type questions, but just trying to find out more before letting go of the cash. :)

Thanks for any info.

Question for 2in2002...

I was wondering something about the hydro-pump from Is it just the pump itself, or does it also include the cylinder? And if it does not include a cylinder, do you know where to get a good one? I currently have a dry pump with a 2” cylinder, but I believe thats too big. I want to go for length gains first rather than girth. My girth is currently just above 5”, so I’d need a 1.75” cylinder right? I’m very anxious to order this and try it out, so your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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