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hydro cylinder size for girth?

hydro cylinder size for girth?


I am going to order a hydro pump and wonder which tube size I should choose.
I live overseas in europe and the only affordable tubes I can get over here are the Joel Kaplan ones which seem to taper at the end.
My current erect girth is 5” circumference.
Should I go for a 2” cylinder or would a 2.25” cylinder be the better deal considering that I am going to pump with water and that the cylinders get smaller in the upper part (btw, why is that? )?
My main concern is getting girth, so I dont care if the cylinder is too wide to get length gains.

What are the drawbacks of too wide cylinders, anyway?

Thanks alot!

Hi Darian and welcome to the board,

The drawback of a too wide cylinder is that it can damage the shape of your penis, just have a look at the picture galleries of some pumping sites to see how horrible that could be.

For 5” girth you definitely don’t need anything more than a 1.75” cylinder. The fact that Kaplan’s cylinders get smaller in the upper part shouldn’t make any difference here (and I’m not sure why he chose to make them like that, maybe there’s an explanation in his website, I do recall reading someone who said he didn’t like this).

I didn’t try water pumping yet, but even though it might allow you to expand more than dry pumping, still 2” would be too much for your girth IMO.

It is very important that you’ll find the right size.

Maybe one of the water pumpers can add their input here? 2in2002? Though I think he hasn’t posted in a while..

I’m new to pumping, but FWIW, Braker is right. My base girth is 4.75” and I’m using a 1 7/8” tube because it was cheap. :) It’s a little too roomy, even with water. A 2” tube would probably try to suck in my nuts. Go with 1.75”.

cylinder size


Thanks for your recommendations.
I wonder that you recommend a 1.75” tube for my girth because I always thought that you would need a larger tube in order to increase girth.
My erect girth is 5.4” at the base (large CS) and 5” midshaft.
1.75” diameter would be (d x pi) 5.49” circumference which does not seem to leave much room for girth expansion. Considering that the tube is tapered and additionally filled with water I fear that 1.75” may be a little too small for girth gains as sool as my penis gets pumped up.
Please prove me wrong if you still think that 1.75” is the best size to go for.

Any comments from wet pumpers on this issue?

Thanks alot!


A 2.25 inch diameter is definitely too large to begin with. I have a flaccid base girth of 5.75 inches and an erect base girth of 6.75+inches, and I do most of my initial pumping in a 2.00 inch diameter cylinder. Remember, that your dick is pliable and will adapt to the size of the cylinder. At the largest, you should start with a 2.00 inch diameter cylinder, although a 1.75 inch diameter would be the ideal start to get your best and most even expansion.

With wet pumping, it’s not that the water will take up extra space around your dick. As you wet pump, water is being replaced by the increase vacuum in the cylinder. Eventually as you expand, your dick will be touching the sides of the cylinder, and the remaining water will be above the head of your dick filling up the rest of the tube. Good luck.


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