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How To Save 150$ On A Bathmate


How To Save 150$ On A Bathmate

That one is easy, don’t buy it. Leluv on eBay sells “replacement” cylinders for about 28$ with a female connector. They also have the male connectors for 16$, go to Home Depot and buy the 20ft acrylic 1/4” hose for 3$ and the blue and white 1/4” plastic shut off valve for 3.75$ and you have a water pump you can tune to what you want, girth or length.

I’ve been at it for 1 month with that setup and within a week I had to order the 2.25” x 9” cylinder because I filled the 2” easily with only a fraction of the fluid build up. Water pumping is 100% better than air in my opinion because I would get edema too easily at just 5-6hg.

Why anyone would waste 150$ is beyond me. Instead of lining someone else’s pockets just spend 50$ and make your own. Use the threads from sparkyx, long vehicle, and gprent as a guide and you are set!

09-01-07= 6" Bpel & 4.5" Eg

01-2013= 8" Bpel & 5&3/8" Eg

01-2015= 8" Bpel & 5.75" Eg

Now I feel retarded for buying 2 bathmates

Can someone draw a diagram on how to set this up? I am kinda lost on how this works.

Originally Posted by Averageblack
Now I feel retarded for buying 2 bathmates

Man your not the only one loll…Hercule and right now on my cock the X40 :p

Start 04-26-2013: BPEL: 7", MSEG: 5 5/8. gain till 01-10-2014 BPEL: 8", MSEG 5 7/8. 2 years Brake. Start #2 01-17-2018 BPEL: 7 5/8, MSEG: 5 7/8 NOW: BPEL: 8 1/8", MSEG: 5 7/8" Goal: 9x6.5"


This is the valve, you can buy from Home Depot. Just put this in the line and you can use it without a pump, just draw vacuum with your mouth and then shut off the valve to hold the vacuum in the cylinder. IF you want to use a pump with a gauge, then when you buy the Harbor Freight one, put the overflow cup (which comes with it) in line between the valve and the pump. The over end of the valve will go the line directly to the cylinder. My diagram shows it, but I can’t upload a .bmp.

Great thread !!!

I’m a little confused on how this all comes together. Do you have any pictures of your setup and would you be able to provide links to the supplies through the eBay/harbor freight sites?

Any assistance or clarification is appreciated, Thank you!


The problem with using an air pump to pump water is nothing to to with the cylinder, it all comes down to whether the pump itself can handle water.

There are potentially three solutions posted in this thread.

1/ Use a cylinder connected to a pump that can’t handle water and a very long pipe with a shut off valve close to the cylinder. Then your pump just sees air.
2/ Don’t use a pump at all, use a cylinder connected to a length of pipe with a shut off valve, use your mouth to pull the pressure required, then close the valve.
3/ Connect the cylinder to a brake fluid pump, as it can handle water.

Any solution is cheaper than a bathmate and the third solution is a far superior one for someone committed to pumping long term. All the solutions have the advantage that if you need to change cylinder size in the future, you just replace the cylinder.

Does that help?

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Thank you Memento!

That does help to a good degree. I guess I’d be most interested in a water set up with a gauge as it seems to have longer PE benefits and the gauge can act to give me a reference point for when I start pumping and give feedback on how I should progress my exercise. As I’ve never used a pump before I guess I’m just confused on where these cylinders, gauges, pumps, etc. All fit together and what it actually looks like when it’s assembled.

Terminology can be confusing.

The cylinder is the tube you put over your penis in which the useful vacuum is formed (also know as a tube).
The pump is the bit that creates the vacuum and often contains a gauge to show the strength of the vacuum, connected to the cylinder via a plastic pipe.
The combination of cylinder and pump is also often referred to as a pump, to confuse the issue.

A bathmate combines the cylinder and pump in a single mechanism.

You’ve probably figured this out by now but a way to ram it home is to visit a vendor like LA Pump. Generally the vendors sell expensive and not particularly useful pumps (as opposed to cylinders) and it’s often cheaper to buy the actual pump from somewhere else, like Harbor Freight, Amazon etc. where they are not attempting to mark it up because it’s suddenly an adult “toy”.

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i feel bad for US now, im paying nowhere near that over in the UK for a bathmate

Progressive overload principles,

Goal - 8'' BPEL 6.5'' EG

$150 is £87.50. I doubt you’ll have payed way under that unless you picked yours up from China, where you can get them for around £40.

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