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How to choose a pump?

How to choose a pump?

Guys, I have never been in pumping but I want to try soon.

I know you are more expert…

I see a lot of pumps on internet.

THis one is from a italian site.

The price is good (like 100 euro)

How can I see if it’s a good pump or not?

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The pump looks good, it has a gauge and looks solid. I don’t like the cylinder. It looks weak and has that funny rubber grip thing inside. See if you can buy the red-handled pump separately and find a more sturdy cylinder from a different manufacturer.

westla is right. That is a good pump and gauge, but the cylinder is cheap. Generally, any cylinder that comes with one of those rubber gaskets at the seal end is no good. Look at this package from LA pumps to see the difference. These cylinders are thick walled and seal from the flared end, requiring no rubber gaskets, only your favorite lube to seal the tube.…egory_Code=Pkgs

Thanks guys…


While he’s there, couldn’t he just get the uprated hand pump from lapdist to complete the set?

Originally Posted by ICM
While he’s there, couldn’t he just get the uprated hand pump from lapdist to complete the set?

Everything at lapdist is available part by part or as package deals. So if you bought a package deal with a 2 inch cylinder and later need a 2.25 you could just buy the 2.25 cylinder. Or if you need a new pump, just buy the pump. Individual connectors and hoses also available.

Just go to the basic site and click on A1A Distributors to see their full line up.

I’ve found the MitiVac at PepBoys to be a good replacement pump w/gauge…and it’s waterproof. It’s sold to bleed brakes. Lizard draining is optional LOL.

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Hey GPrent

I am 7 lenght BP and 5 3/4 or nearly 6 girth

It’s ok a 2x10 cylinder? I need lenght more.

I dont know if they ship in europe…

I have emailed them to know.

What’s the difference between the starter

and the deluxe version?

Any of you knows a european seller?


In italy pumping is not very known…

I dont find any good product here.

Look at this kind, it’s a best version of the other…

but it seems not good like the one at lapdist.

And the price is more! crazy, isnt?

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My pump is from vacu-tech and it has replacement cylinders available for when you out grow one. It is also custom made to fit your penis. You just measure your erect girth and they will make one for you.

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wow…Vacutech site seems interesting.

I have some questions:

they have pump “only for lenght”.

How it works? The diameter of the cylinder

is more little, so the penis expands only in lenght?

ps the picture on the site…seems a fake.

You agree? Anyway…

YOu know if they accept cash orders?

I dont see a link on the site for the way of payment.

Good site, thanks.


Originally Posted by xaixoit
Hey GPrent
I am 7 length BP and 5 3/4 or nearly 6 girth
It’s ok a 2x10 cylinder? I need length more.
I don’t know if they ship in Europe…
I have emailed them to know.
What’s the difference between the starter
and the deluxe version?
Any of you knows a European seller?

First off, yes, lapdist does ship to Europe. I started filling out an order form, and they list many countries, Italy included. Florence, Italy right?

The difference between the starter and the deluxe is that the starter pump is water proof, but has no gauge, and the deluxe pump is not water proof but has a gauge. I highly recommend buying the pump with gauge, and just don’t use it in your bath tub!

At your girth, the 2 inch cylinder will fit you, but you will quickly pack it. I you are going for length, that is OK, but once packed, reduce pressure so you don’t form water blisters on the head.

The 10 inch length should be long enough for your needs.

I have both the 2 inch and 2.25 inch cylinders. When I pack the 2 inch, I can then slide out of it and right into the 2.25 inch and keep going. It is called staging.

The vacutech system seems similar to this, but the hand pump is plastic compared to brass for the lapdist deluxe pump, so durability is in question.

Yes, we do ship to Italy. It usually takes about 7-10 days and varies depending on Italian customs. International shipping is $25 USD.
You can pay with a US dollar denomination Post Order - mail the Post Order to the address below with a note indicating the size and products desired and the money order, and your shipping address. Thank you!
Hey Gprent you are very supportive, thanks!
BTW who is the girl of your avatar, an actress?

They send me this. I dont understand what is a US DOLLAR
DENOMINATION POST ORDER. You know what’s the meaning?

So you say maybe lapdist is better quality…
The price is the same of vacutech..
Why Vacutech says to have a special pump only for lenght?
I believe is only a choise of the cylinder, isnt?


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You can go to your post office and get a money order, or whatever they call it, made out to lapdist, for your order amount in US dollars. When you make you order, they should tell you the amount and exactly who the money order should be made out to. Unless of course you have a credit card they accept and that would be the easiest seems to me.

I don’t think vacutech has any technology that is different from anyone else that targets length. Generally, if you choose a cylinder that is close to your girth, like for you, the 2 inch cylinder, then that will favor length gains.

By the way, feel free to PM me if you need any help. I will do my best.

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