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How old were you when you started pumping?

How old were you when you started pumping?

How old were you when you did your first pumping routine? I’m 18 and am hoping to start pumping very soon. I need a thicker and longer penis to have better sex with my girlfriend.

Also, you experienced pumpers, I need help deciding which pump to buy and what size pump. My penis when erect is about 5 6/8 inches in length and 4 1/2 inches in girth. If someone knows what size i need, please tell me.

Any tips on pumping and routines that you know, I would appreciate detailed descriptions.

Lapdist and cylinder size 9”X1.75”.

Read Pumping101

:iws: mmm GPrent is not stupid but I’m with him on his advice. :D

Follow the guidelines and in a few years you’ll have a tool big enough to open up almost any woman.

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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

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Gprent said all that needs to be said, so nothing to add other than…18 years old is a great age to start pumping.

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