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How much a good pump should cost

How much a good pump should cost

I would like to start pumping, but the problem is that I really don’t know what kind of pump I should buy. I mean all those 19.95$ pumps are promising like 4” in just couple of weeks. Some pumps cost like 50$. Those pumps are more sturdier looking but can you get a good pump with just mere 50$?

I would greatly appreciate if you guys could share your opinions of good pumps or warn me about bad ones :) .

Ps. You could also recommend some manufacturer and model

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You don’t want to get those cheap pumps that use squeeze bulbs or cheap plastic cylinders that feature those rubber gaskets at the bottom.

You want a pump with a gauge and a thicker walled cylinder that requires no gaskets to help it seal.

Since you are in Finland, I don’t know what is available in local shops as far as putting together your own system made from automotive Mityvac pumps and aquarium gravel cleaner tubes.

For shopping on line, a lot of guys go for the Kaplan systems they find on Ebay in the $70 range, but I don’t like Kaplan cylinders because they taper near the end and might restrict your glans or head while pumping.

I prefer the deluxe system from lapdist but the cost is in the higher range of $140 plus overseas shipping. I wasted a lot of money when I first started buying cheap stuff that wore out fast and would have saved in the long run if I had just started with a professional system like lapdist. My pump from lapdist is now many years old and still works like new. Here is their web site:…tegory_Code=all

Guys, I’m really a newbie when it comes to pumps.

Do you guys use a ‘squeeze bulb’ type or should it be ‘motorized’ with pressure gauge?

I appreciate your help guys. I’m planning to have one.

Any suggestion on the brand, etc?

Actually the pump from Kaplan on ebay is under $60 and that is including shipping.


Don’t you think the Kaplan tube was tapered because most guys have a bigger base girth than midshaft? If the taper stopped at mid shaft I think it would be better.

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Boston Pump Works makes extremely high quality pumps and cylinders. After the seals went in my original Boston Pump (about 7 years, and I stupidly lubricated the internal seals with petroleum-based lube), I bought a Craftsman vacuum bleed pump for about $40 from Sears. It has a gauge, is all metal, and is extremely high quality. Plus it can be used with one hand, whereas most other sump-type pumps need both hands.

The Boston cylinders are very expensive, about $140 each, but they have the perfect flare, and are better than other brands I’ve tried. Just don’t drop one on a hardwood floor. It’ll crack. But it’s much better than the Falcon or Magnum cylinders.

The best setup is the Craftsman all-brass pump with gauge, and a Boston Pump Works cylinder.

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