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How many of you got gains while using pumping as a resource?


How many of you got gains while using pumping as a resource?

You don’t have to say a whole lot unless you feel like it. But I am curious to know if you think it works, for you, or it doesn’t.



I’ve never used pumping alone, so I can’t tell if my gains (1/4” per month the first three months - then I really cut back on the PE because of work so no further gains since then) were derived more from one method over another. I used jelqs, manual stretch and pumping. I do feel it contributed significantly. Having a tansparent length gauge taped to the cylinder helped me see the increases month after month even better than using a ruler by hand.

Pumping has worked and is still working for me. My first attempts at novice pumping went on for about one year, and I did gain about 1 inch in length even with an irregular, haphazard routine. I was probably just lucky, in spite of my inexperience. Once I discovered the rest of the PE world via this Forum and others, I started to randomly incorporate pretty much all of the other PE exercises in combination with pumping. This is when I gained an additional inch in length and also started to make good and steady girth gains.

I’ve just begun my own personal experiment which combines some modest pumping with hanging (using my own apparatus). I’m doing this in my new goal to gain my next 1/2 inch in erect length to make 8” erect BP. I won’t report any details until I’ve given this personal program at least 1-2 months of sincere effort. Hopefully, the outcome will be positive. I have great hopes.


Well, i have made some gains. Only been using a pump for about 2 months now. Use it basically to maintain as much blood as possible in my penis for jelqing like supersets.

I think these combined just hits the penis in more than one way


after pumping for around 4 weeks my girth increased by 0.118 inches.



Well, when I first started to PE, I gained .5 inches in the first month. I was real happy. However, I put it off for a while because my hands started to hurt A LOT….like even when I wasnt PEing. I took a few weeks off and then came back. NOTHING in 2 monthes. So I tried everything from the Bib to the Power Jelq to V-stretches….anything and everything. I tried PEing for 20 mins a day, 40 mins, and hour, even an hour and a half. After a year….I saw some girth gains, but NOTHING in length….so this was a year and about 2 monthes without any gains.

I finally decided to fuck all those sites that told only the negative sides of pumping (these side effects were usually only if you abused your penis and pumped for super long hours and very high pressure). I went with the pump, read about heat pumping (taped an electric heating pad around the cylinder) and proceeded to do ONLY pumping and jelqing.

Routine :

15 mins Heated Pump
10 mins jelq
15 mins Heated Pump
10 mins jelq
10 mins cold pump and a few jelqs afterwards
100 PC Flexes/Kegels

After doing this for about a month, I have gained a solid 3/16 - 1/4” in length. This may not seem like a lot to some who gain like 5” in their first 10 mins of PEing, but remember, I had gone an entire YEAR without seeing ANY gains so this has gotten me stoked! Hopefully the gains will speed up a little, but if they dont, at least im gaining now! I definetly attribute my gaining again to pumping. And jelqing to help me cement those gains. My ligs feel just as worked as when I was using a Bib hanger. I dont even use the thing anymore (anyone wanna buy it? Heehee). Dont get me wrong, I hear a lot of good things about it, but I didnt gain much from it. I would think because I have a very low LOT (around 7o’clock) and dont have much lig gains left in me. PUMPING RULES!!

it’s been 3 1/2 months now and I am delighted with the results.

I have to say that I suspect my gains are hard to achieve for reasons unknown but my pumping and jelq time has been very encouraging. As I type this note, I am 8 minutes into my 10min session at 5-6” Hg and will jelq/massage for around 5-10 minutes between 3 sets. If the old boy is still holding up OK I might go a 4th shorter set for good measure. I do this about 5 times a week and in the last 3 weeks have used an old head pad to great effect.

I heat up my cylinder (thick style) in front of a heater till nice and warm and then roll it up in the heat pad which has ties that I can use to tighten the wrap. I then jelq to get things nice and ready for the session. On removal from each pump session, I plug the cylinder with a scrunched tissue to hold the heat inside the tube while I jelq for a few minutes and then off we go again.

One part of the process used to annoy me and that was the clean up and warm down. That has all changed now that I have discovered a brilliant method of washing the old fella down. We have a sink where the rim is exposed and I can tiptoe up plonk the package over the edge and then use a hand shower hose pipe (head removed) to apply a lovely warm rise that feels awesome. I do this for a few minutes and can really feel the difference. In the past the shrivel factor kicked in soon after my sessions but thats a thing of the past.

Wow, I probably wrote this in the wrong spot but what the heck, I don’t write that often so I sure you’ll forgive me Avocet 8.

As for gains, you have heard it all before, a wife that is going off more often than ever before, I watch her face sometimes as she takes it and can see the difference. she will often end our love making with comments about stopping me doing my routines, all tongue in cheek of course.

Anyway as for gains, they have been modest but I have gone from an average of 7.25 under vacuum to around 7.5 under vacuum. I have not measured, bit frighted too, I’ll just be happy to watch me gradually creep up on the 8 on my cylinder. Girth has been more pronounce with me lightly touching the side near the head and about 1.5 inches of base packed. I started with little or no skin pressing on the cylinder higher up.

I almost forgot , I take a teaspoon of L Arganine an hour before to help maintain a fuller unit and I an sure it has a few other advantages.

The best thing is I love doing this stuff, deep down I think it’s going to work given more time. Thanks to all those here who have helped especially WestLA.

Maybe I just should have said yes Avocet8 8-)

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

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Originally posted by skeptdick
Maybe I just should have said yes Avocet8 8-)

You can say as much as you want, Skepdick.

Glad to hear it’s going well for you and especially that you are enjoying the PE process.



Girth has been no problem- since pumping over the last 6 mos, and jelking - which is a very important adjunct to pumping I am now a consistent 7 inches in girth post pumping. And a good bit of it lasts from session to session. Length however is harder and I think I have turned a corner by buying a straight end thick tube so that when in the pump I can feel the rim of the tube pressing against my pubis, ergo the other end is being stretched— and it feels it. The tube is from and is designed to promote length by its straight and flangless end. It appears to be working. I started at 5 inches BPEL 2 yrs ag0 and now am at 6.75

I believe in pumping and credit my new growth to that alone after being in a rut for a month. Avocet I owe credit to you ,your approach makes perfect sense. I believe pumping ALONG with other PE is the secret key, or at least Im convinced of that.


I pumped for about 5 years on and off with no measurable gain in length. Probably about .5 inches in base girth. Alot of that time was a waste since I didn’t have any knowledge of proper technique.

I finally got fed up with pumpling alone and started applying the jelk and stretching techniques I learned from reading this web site. I think that made the difference. I now have made some measureable length gains and more girth. I now can quickly fill my 1.75 inch diameter cylinder. I’m anxiously awaiting the day when I can toss that aside and start regularly using my 2 inch tube. Maybe in a couple months.

As I’ve said before, wrapped pumping expands my head bettter than any other technique I’ve tried. (Monstar, where are you?) I haven’t done it regularly enough to determine whether it alone is good for a substantial size increase. My coronal ridge became more prominent after a couple months of semi-consistent routines. I’ll get back to it when I eventually focus on girth.

Originally posted by cj0057

I believe in pumping and credit my new growth to that alone after being in a rut for a month. Avocet I owe credit to you ,your approach makes perfect sense. I believe pumping ALONG with other PE is the secret key, or at least Im convinced of that.



5.5/4.5 Start May,10 2003

7.25/5.25 July,8 2003

Is this right? You started in May 2003 with 5.5”, was in a rut for a month, and by July 2003 had gained nearly two inches????

I am not gay so unfortunately I cannot gain from pumping, but good luck to everyone else.

J/k, when I gained the first time I wasn’t pumping, and the second time I was, so read into that what you will.

Good Luck

Pumping gains

I’ve been pumping for several months now along with manual stretching. With Avocet’s guidence I have realized my goal of 6”. I still pump and stretch to maintain my lenght and girth. I’m now working on loosing weight to expose my hidden lenght. Right now I use the heated tube method and currently pack the tube to 6 3/4”. I pump between 7 - 9 hg for 20 minutes at a time.
My wife now says to say, “THANK YOU!!” She’s gotten used to me and now can’t wait till the “TRUE” me is exposed!


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