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How long do gains last?

How long do gains last?

I was thinking about pumping just a temporary fix until I get the size I want. How long do the gains last, a few hours or longer than a day.


For me it took a month or two to see significant gain. I never lost any of that.




When I pumped, my gains were temporary and lasted at least a few hours and much longer if you use a cock ring afterwards.


If you are talking about flaccid gain, that was also my experience at least for some months into pumping. But erect gains came and stayed. I didn’t see significant flaccid gain until almost a year of both pumping and a good 8 mos. into jelking exercises and pumping combined.



Girls only cared about errect gains anyway. I have alway heard that gains from the pump are temporary. I have heard a few people say that it only last an hour or two. Anyone else reply on this, how much gain have you gotten in how much time pumping. Have you went without pumping for long peroids of time.

I have said before that I think Avocet8 pumped in a way that could be permenant and I have no reason to doubt his permanent gains.

However, I didn’t pump his way. I used higher pressure, shorter periods of time and sporatic sessions. I liked to get the temporary huge erect results. My erect gains would last over a day, although the effects would lessen over that day. I could keep the 7.5” girth for 3-5 hours after pumping… plenty of time to enjoy a night out on the town.

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