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How Long Before Pump Will Last 24-48 Hours? (REAL Case Studies Wanted)


That looks like inches v centimeters of mercury “pressure”

-6 inches would equal -15 centimeters

2.5 x 6 = 15 (2.5 x inches = centimeters.

most in here talk inches so 3-4 Hg would be you smaller blue numbers.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

In the Dr Joels guidelines it says explicitly do not go over -10 HG although I reach that pressure in about a minute and there routine says do 10 mins then relax massage then another 10..etc so I am presuming it means get to that pressure and hold not pump for the remaining 9 or so minutes. Is this the case pumpers?

Also any suggestions for concealing this as I don’t want the lady to know, and doing 20-40 mins a day is hard to do without her knowing. What do you think?


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