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How I got my Pro-Xzek Supreme Vacuum Pump Kit for 39.99 shipped


I just bought one as well and the codes worked great. Thanks for the tip as I was looking to spend at least that much on a lesser pump anyway, you saved me some money.

Glad I could help harshlanguage!

2009 - Bpel 6.25 Eg 5.87 Bpfl 4.5 Fg 4.93 - 01/07/09

2010 - Bpel 7.50 Eg 6.25 Bpfl 5.0 Fg 5.18 - 01/01/10

I too just got one, thanks a ton man!

Just placed an order! Thanks a lot!

I had one of these pumps a few years ago. Unless you are packing some serious girth, the cylinder is too big. But it is a good introduction to pumping for the money. I had problems with the pump not creating a vacuum and trashed it. I now have a LA Pump and there is no comparison.

I would recommend investing more money for better quality. Just my opinion.

Plein_Lee, awesome feedback, any chance you could get a little more in depth with the problems you had with the vacuum?

I have not had a problem with it yet, and as far as the cylinder size I agree, it is pretty big for a beginner pumper but I am starting to worry about filling it up myself and I just started.

I started a little under a month ago at almost 6” girth at the base and I feel like after pumping for 10 minutes that I am getting close to filling the tube. I do not know my expansion during pumping as I have never measured. But as far as length in the tube I am not worried about filling it, the measure on the tube shows me at my peak length in the tube around 7” ( From 6.3” ).

( Mind you this is all after a long warmup, stretching, and jelqing session. )

If someone can afford a LA pump or equivalent I definitely suggest going for it. Using plenty of discount codes to get something cheap won’t replace true craftsmanship and quality that I have read about LA pumps having.

2009 - Bpel 6.25 Eg 5.87 Bpfl 4.5 Fg 4.93 - 01/07/09

2010 - Bpel 7.50 Eg 6.25 Bpfl 5.0 Fg 5.18 - 01/01/10

just bought one, it was a little more than you said (mainly because I live in israel so the shipment did cost), but not a lot, plus they said I’ll get a surprise gift :)

I didn’t have any problems with the cylinder, I still have it someplace. The pump would not create a vacuum, maybe an o-ring inside the pump chamber or something like that. I used it for a few months but not that often (2-3 times a week). I didn’t try to fix it as I started using Monty’s PE weights and didn’t want to put my unit under too much stress.

Hey KoreTow, I finally got my pump today, it is a nice unit for the money. Do you use the donut that came with it? I have to really stuff myself into it to get through the donut. Have you done any modifications to it for use?

Excuse me while I whip this out.

I had to use the code EMC0001 to get it for $39.98. The first code worked just fine though.

Harshlanguage, I had to cut out the inside of the donut it came with to use it properly, don’t cut it to much or you will have the edge of the tube on your pelvic area, and that hurts.

I wish there was a better way to create a soft seal at the end of the tube. That is the only downside I see so far.

2009 - Bpel 6.25 Eg 5.87 Bpfl 4.5 Fg 4.93 - 01/07/09

2010 - Bpel 7.50 Eg 6.25 Bpfl 5.0 Fg 5.18 - 01/01/10

What is the other black thing that’s in the picture next to the pump itself?


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