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How does the Venus 2000 work?

How does the Venus 2000 work?

I found some videos of pumpers on and thought the Venus 2000 looked interesting.

Link Deleted.

So my question is how does this thing work and is this something I can make myself? I couldn’t pay their price but if i make it myself I can do it for less and customize it to pump as well as jack for stimulation as needed. It looks like a basic milker design and I’m assuming some of the dials are asjustable one way valves but heck if I know.

One thing I’m not understanding is how the thing sucks onto the penis when the suction tube connects to the cylinder and doesn’t appear to enter the latex liner.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks !!

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Fleshlight is better.

If you want something very close to the venus 2000. You can attach your fleshlight to one of those automatic back and fourth machines. It’s like those video’s of the “fucking machines” But instead of a thick dildo on the end, it can be a fleshlight instead.

Fleshlight feels 100% more real then the venus.

I don’t think those allow suction and, while the jerky sensation may be cool, I’m more after the pump. What I was thinking is that you can maintain suction and stimulation concurrently if built properly. I’d think that would do the most for engorgement. It’s a tall order…

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