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How do people get big expansion?

How do people get big expansion?

I’ve seen some pictures of guys right after a pumping session and their post pump girth is about 1 inch greater then their normal girth. After my 30 min pumping session at 4 Hg with a quick break at 15 min, I’m lucky to be .20 inches bigger than normal.

I also clamp every other day and my penis only expands .30 inches.

Am I doing something wrong?

Your expansion sounds pretty normal and healthy to me.

Have you ever tried pumping for 15 or 30 minutes after, say, a 10-minute clamping session? I find that the expansion can be additive in that case.

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Oh, so the huge expansions are just caused by edema buildup? I was concerned that I was doing something wrong since my post pump growth was so minor.

Every other day I do a pump, then clamp, then pump session. That’s when I get the most expansion, but it still doesn’t seem that much.

Yes most of that huge expansion is from lymph fluid that accumulates under the skin after long pump sessions. It does not contribute to permanent growth and disappears as your body reabsorbs the fluid.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

0.32” is the most expansion I ever got during clamping and I guess that’s normal. I’ve seen some guys here say that they get 0.5” expansion during clamping and that’s really cool, but I really can’t imagine my own unit expanding from 5.08” to 5.58” girth, that’s enormous!

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When I clamped, sometimes I saw a half inch in girth increase after a half hour or more.

I got some impressive expansion but I had to do it for 2 hours at 7-10 hg. And the expansion was where it tapers smaller towards the glands, so it kinda just evened out my girth. And I got to the 8 inch mark, looked really bad when it went limp tho. I won’t be doing that too much

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If I just clamp I get about .25 inch expansion max. And that’s at the end of a 10 minute session with 1 clamp at the base and then 1 a little higher up that I slowly click to add pressure. If I pump for 20 min and then clamp I will get almost half an inch but I’m sure its mostly edema. One time I got a doughnut after pumping and then clamped getting more tham half an inch but that’s again edema and not your goal. I find it real hard to gain mid shaft girth though. I’ve gained nicely in length and base girth but would love an extra half inch permanent mid shaft seeing as I’m about 5 inches now.

From what I’ve read on this forum little and often seems to be the way forward when it comes to gains. Don’t expect to much and with time increases will come.

Mind you I’m an idiot, so take what I say with a pinch of salt.

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