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Hot AND cold water pumping?

Hot AND cold water pumping?

I’m currently in the middle of a Bathmate experiment. Usually I go 20 mins with warm water, then 2 minutes of firegoat rolls, and finally 5 to ten minutes at a medium vacuum with the Bathmate full of really cold water. Currently trying 5 minutes warm, followed by five minutes cold, and then repeating. Anyone ever messed with this? Post pump girth after the first 5 minutes in warm water was 5 1/2 inches. Just about ready to dump the cold, and hit it for 5 more minutes with heat. Does this sound good, bad, or just silly to you, and why?

After 5 minutes of cold, girth is 5 5/8 inches, maybe a little more, but shy of 5 3/4” for sure.

Another 5 minutes warm, girth hit 5 11/16”.

Another 5 minutes cold, girth hit 5 3/4”, this would be where I usually quit, or warm down actually, but I’ve decided to go for another cycle of warm and then cold.

Another 5 minutes warm, and I hit 5 7/8”, but I can see a donut starting to form, so I may have overdone it a bit. Currently doing 5 minutes of cold water at nearly no vacuum.

Not sure if this was a fluke because it was the first time trying this or what, but I think I may have stumbled on something pretty cool here. I wanted to try this mostly because of how doctors will have you alternate hot and cold for injuries sometimes. I would just want to add that I did a rice sock warm up, stretches and 100 jelqs first. And then I wanted my first five minutes to be in warm water. I don’t think trying to force cold tissue expansion is a very good idea.

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I say try it for a while and see how it goes, I tried the cold water thing and hated it ! but other people have had good results .

I’ve experimented with cold therapy off and on for months now. I would pump hot, then do my dry jelq rouine, pump hot again, and ice down before finally edging to full release.

I loved how it reduced the donut and swell at the base but it was really best saved for last with my routines because it sapped me of any good natural erections left.

That was my problem, I try and treat a pump session as an enhanced edging session because that way the after effects are way better,

with cold water i could barely get hard.

Hmm, I can tell that’s probably something that will vary for different users. By the end of my session my penis was definitely fatigued or overworked, so it didn’t want to get or stay hard. But after my first and second cool water circuits, I had no problem getting back to probably 80% erect for the warm water leg of my pump session.

Tried her again today. Woke up with morning wood that still measured 5 1/2 inches in mid-shaft girth, so I went for it.

Warm-up, 100 jelqs.
5 min. warm girth=5 5/8”
5 min cold girth=5 5/8”
5 min warm girth= 5 3/4”
5 min cold girth = 5 3/4”

So, not as good as yesterday, gonna take tomorrow off.

I’m still experimenting with this technique. Did 10 minutes hot, 5 cold, 5 hot and finally the last 5 cold. Biggest expansion was at the end of the final cold session. Which I didn’t expect at all. I think I’m getting less discoloration, but my penis is still pretty dark.

Same hot/cold time scheme as last time. But biggest girth was 5 5/8”. So, maybe just an off day, I don’t know.


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