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Homemade Tubes?

Originally Posted by Lampwick
… if you could find a metal funnel, you could heat the tube and then press it down on the metal funnel while the plastic was still soft and deformable. Otherwise, some kind of cone shape would work. An inverted funnel is what came more readily to mind for that.

A method that I used to flare out the end of a PVC pipe was to heat up the end of the pipe over a gas cooker flame until the pipe was pliable, and then quickly press it down onto a glass bottle (essentially funnel shaped on top). Gloves were necessary as the pipe gets quite hot. I was concerned at the time that the glass bottle would be too cold, and in turn cool down the pipe before it flared out sufficiently, so I filled the glass bottle with hot water. I am not sure now that it was really necessary to use the hot water, but it certainly didn’t hurt either. Additionally, once I had obtained the flare I quickly dipped that end of the pipe into cold water to set the flare in place, as the pipe seemed to try to return somewhat to its original shape if allowed to cool slowly.

Since I don’t have sufficient privileges to start my own thread figured this was the best place to post this.

I recently purchased a relatively affordable tube from eBay.
Got a 1.75” tube for $25 shipped.
Vendor was Plug and Play Toyz.

Got it Friday and it seems to be a fine piece of work.

Has a 1 way valve and quick connect at the top. (Comes with the connector and about 8” of hose. (LOL))

Neat thing is if you are water pumping, you can use this tube the EXACT same as a bathmate. (Never used a bathmate just drawing from videos and reviews.)
Leave the connect off.
Fill it with water.
Insert dick.
Push down, the water lets itself out of the valve.
Suction holds until you release it.
Put it on today while I took a shower and after I was done noticed a slightly thicker glans.

I hope to see some solid gains once I start getting into a routine with this. (Gonna hit harbor freight Monday with my 25% off coupon and get me a pump. :) )

I’ve been making my own tubes for 7 years or more. I had always wanted to try pumping and my first one was the pvc. I was hooked on pumping immediately. I knew I needed a better tube ASAP. So I began my second home made tube the same week.

It was the most comfortable of all that I have made. All the materials can be found at Lowes or Home Depot.
Here is what to buy to make your own. You will have to decide on what inside diameter size you want have.

1 foot of clear hose (I used the one with the white mesh woven into it)
Pvc cap
Pvc reducer fitting (I think mine was a 3 inch to 2 inch)
Several tubes of clear silicone

I used this tube every day for over a year. If the hose had stayed clear, I’d still be using it to this day.

Find the tube you intend to use.. The outside hose diameter will have to fit into the small end of the pvc reducer.
Now cut the large end of the reducer at an angle that’s comfortable.. 15 to 30 degrees. Round off the edges

Place the reducer in the oven on a tray and heat at 200 degrees till it softens. (Check often) 5 to 10 minutes is all it will take. Squeeze the large end of the reducer to give it a slightly oval shape. Don’t worry about the small end deforming slightly. But do your best to keep it a good fit on the hose.

Hold the large end of the reducer up to your pelvic bone.. I sanded the base of mine with a curve to fit my pelvic bone area.

Here the secret to the super comfort. The large end will hold the silicone cushion.

Put the tubing and reducer together (Do not put the cap on yet). Find a balloon that is shaped like a light bulb.. A larger heavy type worked for me.. You want to plug the clear tube and also create the radius for the cushion where it contacts the penis base and pelvic bone. The balloon is pulled into the tube front the open end. Have patience and it may take several tries to get the balloon inflated to the right degree. After you feel like your ready. Remove the balloon and squeeze silicone into reducer.. What you want is for it to taper into the bottom of the clear hose area. I did have to stand the tube in a corner balloon side up. I also used some tape wrapped around the outside of the balloon to push it into shape I wanted where it contacted the pvc while it was drying..

Wait- Resit the urge to check: Wait at least 3 to 4 days before messing with it.. If the balloon looses air over several days it will still leave a smooth silicone

I know this sounds hard. It might take several tries.. But if I could do it. You can too

If you are patient and get it right. You will have the most comfortable tube you ever owned

……Or get yourself a gravel tube from the pet store, some bake hard model clay from the craft store and use the soft clay mold it around the base of your erect penis with about an inch or so thickness then put it in the oven bake per directions on the package. once its out get your gravel tube, put it on top of your baked clay base. Twist it around a bit on the top till it makes some little grooves you can see, take your dremel tool and sand away the clay checking against the tube frequently till you can fit it in and about a quarter to half inch into your clay mold. It should be a tight fit on its own, finish with a bead of silicone (I put some around the cap as well) and your done.

Custom made tube for about 15 dollars.


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I’m not doing all this tube building and modification stuff. But for those who are, you might want to take a look at some stuff called “sugru” that you can buy off the internet — google it.

It is a formable kind of rubbery/plastic material that sets up and becomes permanent, though never hardens completely. It might be good for adding a comfort pad around the base of a tube.

I had some and used it for household repairs. Just don’t keep it too long before use because it has a shelf-life.

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K-Mart has a candle in a glass tube 1-1/2” diameter. Perfect size for me.

Parts list for homemade build

Lots of great ideas here, thank you to all who have posted their ideas.

I fabricated my own pump setup using some of the ideas posted. I purchased a few different ID sized cylinders (1-1/2”, 1-3/4” & 2”) so I could experiment some and built 3 cylinders in these sizes. I spent about $75 bucks but if you only want one size cylinder the parts will cost around $50. The quality is as good if not better than the high end pump kits sold online in excess of $150 bucks.

Here is a list of part numbers for the items that I ordered for my build:

Actron vacuum pump (comes with 1/4”x 24” length of tubing): Amazon - $25/delivered


Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Round Tube, 2-1/4” OD, 2” ID, 1’ Length, Clear - $10.34 Per Foot

Acetal Quick-Disconnect Coupling, Socket, 1/4 Coupling, 1/4” Male NPT, with Valve - $7.00 Each

Acetal Quick-Disconnect Coupling, Plug, 1/4 Coupling, for 1/4” Tube ID, without Valve - $1.17 Each

Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet, 1/4” Thick, 12” X 12”, Clear - $14.01 Each (used for cutting end caps using hole-saws)

This setup works great and hopefully the shopping lists helps someone who is thinks about building one but may not know what to order.

Later, back to stretching, and now pumping! :-)


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Haven’t gotten through all the threads, but I just made my own pump for about $40.

Harbour Freight Vacuum Pump (for bleeding brakes).$20
Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner at fish store. 24” long, but I cut it to 10” long, 2” wide. $15
Vacuum bleeder comes with a hose. It fits into the Fish Tube suction end. I used some rubber Heat Shrink to make sure there were no air leaks. Also had some liquid rubber (for putting on the end of tools) for the bottom of the tube. Done. Vacuum Tube with gauge.

Hi guys. I asked a friend of mine who work with glass to make a vacuum pump for me, because my previous pump was made from plastic and chapped during my workout. I use glass because is easy to keep warm the penis in the vacuum pump. The glass is from laboratory objects so is very resistant. To keeping the vacuum I used an auto air valve from an old system of tires. As a pump I used a bike pump. I made the pump to drag the air instead of pushing by reversing the garniture from inside the pump. And that transform the pump in a vacuum pump. Dimension of the vacuum pump are 24cm (9.44’) lenght and 7 cm (2.75) interior diameter. What do you think about this device?

kubera, I think you will need to be careful for two reasons.

First, if your tube is made out of glass, how thick is the glass? I would be concerned about putting glass under stress in the vicinity of my penis unless it was very strong.

Second, if you’re using a bicycle pump that applies suction rather than pressure, I’m guessing you don’t have a working gauge to let you know how much vacuum you are applying. You might want to look at the thread Pumping without a gauge for some suggestions about that.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I made the pump to drag the air instead of pushing by reversing the garniture from inside the pump. And that transform the pump in a vacuum pump. I used this vacuum pump over an year and a friend of mine used something similar four almost 4 years and still have the cylinder, The glass is from laboratory objects and is thick, over 0.5 cm and is very resistance. You can break it only if you throw him on the floor.

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but you can buy 2”, 2 1/2”, and 3” clear rigid PVC pipe here. I ordered some today. I ordered (1) 2” and (1) 2 1/2” clear. It was about $26.00 US total, shipping was included in the price. I’ll have to get some caps at the hardware store and make my connections. The site can be found here ;

Thanks for the pointer!

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Here is a link to instruction for a homemade setup I made using the 2” clear rigid pvc that Stretch 2 mentions.Easy homemade pump

Easy to make and you don’t have to use any adhesives so disassembling for cleaning the cylinder is not a hassle.

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