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Homemade Mr. Fantastic Pumping


For those folks thinking about building their own electric pump system, eBay is a good source of parts. Links to eBay items expire quickly so I will suggest some key words to put in the search box. Be mindful who and where the seller is and the total cost of item. 12 volt DC is a good platform as there plenty of parts available and it is safer to work with than household line voltage. Please share your ideas on this thread.

Power supply - There are lots of power supplies available for 12v DC. You might even have an unused “wall wart” that outputs 12v - read the label carefully. However, there are important considerations: enough amps (power) to power pump, controls, valves, etc.; output voltage tolerance at various loads; size. The better product to use is a “regulated” power supply. Key word search: “12v regulated power supply”

Vacuum pumps - they come all sizes, power and noise levels. Key word search: “12v vacuum pump”

Motor control - helpful for adjusting the output of the vacuum pump, i.e. the rate of suction. Key word search: “12v motor control”

Timer relay - these can control the pump and valves. For example, 15 seconds on and 10 seconds off then loop indefinitely. Key word search: “12v timer”

Valves - Used in combination with timer relay, valves can be set to suction or vent the cylinder based on time. Key word search: “12v valve”

Digital Pressure switch - This is the brains of the Mr. Fantastic pump - he has done a fine job with the engineering and certainly deserves the profit. These are expensive and complex and I have no knowledge or experience to share. Key word search: “Digital pressure”

If the pumping method is based on time then it is easy to use simple timing circuits to turn the pump on and off as well as control valves. However, if the desired pumping method is to vary the amount of vacuum then more complex parts are required. I wish I knew more about pressure switches.

These devices sound like affordable alternatives to the luxury-priced pumping and timer systems by Vacudrive (available only in Europe).



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