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Homemade Cylinder?

Homemade Cylinder?

Hi I bought the aquarium vacuum cylinder from my pet store and have a mighty vac II. I was wondering what you guys do to make the cylinder not press into your skin so hard, i do not have anything to go between me and the cylinder to lessen the pain so I can’t really use it. Any suggestions?


Stunna: A great way to help the end of the tube from cutting into you groin is to buy a cheap motorcycle innertube (2.25) size and cut about a 4” piece from it; stretch is over the tube; finally, push 1.5” or so into the tube. Steve

yeah, I remember dealing with that problem too. The edge of that tube is not groin friendly. I bought some latex gloves and built a rubber “drum” over the end using rubber bands. Then I cut a slit and penetrated the hole with my cock.

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I had mentioned it in a previous post too, but I heated the end of mine with a torch and flared it outward. It works great. Very comfortable!!


Thanks for all the tips guys, I bought Plasti-Dip today from the hardware store (Home Depots didn’t have it!) and am on my 2nd coat right now.

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