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Homedics update!

Homedics update!

Hey guys,

Just an update on the Homedics wrap…

I am VERY impressed. Now, it could just be the weather, it could be my new routine (good old jelqing, squeezing, and blasting), could be I’m running each morning and drinking tomato juice…

Naw, it’s the wrap!

I look down, and my cock is always nice, full, and…large looking! My flaccid size has always had a mind of it’s own, it would turtle given half a chance.

(I turned down more than one strip poker game ‘cause of this, at the time I was average erect…but the grower from hell! My dick could literally hide inside my body!)

Now…I look great! I’m not sure I’m bigger than my best days before, but I’m hanging like that almost all the time.

I wear mine cinched around my penis/sack, nice and tight. I wear it for hours a time, and never experience coldness. Sometimes there’s a little bit of fluid build up, no big deal. The odd thing is, I’m not even engorged with it, generally speaking…I think it’s just the simple mechanics of having you unit wrapped and prevented from retreating into the body.

Grower guys, I implore you…get the Homedics wrap. It’s the best $10 you’ll ever spend.

(Gee, where have I heard that before?)


(PS Not related, I’m certain…but I’m up almost a 1/4 inch EBPL (thanks DLD!) Maybe it’s the magnets…LOL…seriously, I’ve begun dedicated, regimented jelqing and stretching. I think a lot of guys who don’t gain, simply aren’t putting the focus into PE. Maybe they start jelqing and end up jacking off. I know, I was one of those guys! Separate your play and work time, have a definite routine, and you’ll grow.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


Gee, and you just started using it. Who knows what 4 mos. will do?

It’s the “comfort zone” about wearing it that I like especially.

Personally, I doubt the imbedded magnets do squat, however the mysteries of flaccid gain were unrevealed to me for so long that I was beginning to believe that after PE I’d always be big erect, small flaccid. Not small flaccid these days, though.

Peforeal did me a “big” favor in sharing his info. about the device. From the beginning, I wanted flaccid gain more than I did erect gain.

Have fun with it and please report any new tricks you learn.




Good to read that you’ve discovered what a simple, passive, inexpensive and easy addition to one’s PE arsenal that the Homedic wrist strap (wrap) can be, especially for flaccid gains.

Although, I’m continuing to make slow erect length gains (2 + inches and growing) in the last year, my flaccid size gains continue to increase at a much faster rate - both in flaccid hanging length and girth.

Like avocet8, flaccid size increases were always much more important to me than erect size increase. It’s great to have the “small flaccid size albatross” off my back once and for all. It feels absolutely incredible now to be able to shower or change at the gym, take a piss at the public urinals, etc. and not have to be shy or timid about being seen. If anything, I’m much more of an exhibitionist now, and I appreciate being the one with the larger dick for a change of pace. All I can say is better late than never! Thanks to PE, this Forum and all the great input from all of the great people here at Thunders.


P.S. - Avocet8 said to report any “tricks” you might learn with it. On that topic, I’ve been experimenting a bit with wrapping around the base of my dick only with the Homedic strap and then placing a 1 lb (donut shape) wrist weight around the strap. This I can wear for hours, and I get a very easy version of hanging light weights. I am not a true hanger, but this is a simple adaptation that keeps my dick well stretched for hours on end when I have the time and privacy to do it. So far, it’s working real well in giving me one additional way to keep my dick elongated, allowing microtears to heal while I’m stretched out.

Avocet 8 and Northstar et al, try it and you might like it!


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