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home made pump

home made pump

I am in the uk. have managed to get a Mityvac online , but cannot get anything from Petsmart, ie the gravel vacuum tube. Could anyone help getting something similiar that would “fit the need” ,the equivalent tube that I can get in England, or online,


have just heard from petsmart , they are sending me a 10 x 2 gravel tube ,waiting with baited breath.(aint science wonderful). The internet triumphs again ( I hope!!!!!!!)


How do you make this pump? rob?

Originally Posted by NeoLurner
how do u make this pump? rob?

Try this this thread I think you will find the information you need.
Happy pumping, and be careful if you are new at this. ;)

Made My Pump Today!!

btw, don’t listen to the guy on that link, he’s so full of it :)

A year later the pump still works fantastic. I flared out the end of my tube just by heating it over the stove and manipulating the edge with a screwdriver. I had a crack in my tube but sealed it up with some tool dip.

Someone mentioned silicon for a soft seal. That is a most excellent idea, as I think the sharp edge digging into my adbomen is what caused my thrombosed vein. I was penching off the viens that way and then putting them in a vacume…..never good.

Here is my solution for the gravel tube discomfort. Take a small sheet of plastic, or waterproof cardboard, big enough to fit under the tube opening, leaving enough room to make a rim, and not go off the edges of the sheet. Cover it with a very light coating of Vaseline, and set it on a stable, level table top where it can be undisturbed for a couple hours. Now take the tube and set it, open end down on the plastic (the end you want to pad). Get a tube of 100% silicon gel, and build up a rim of gel around the base. I made my rim about 1/4 wide, and about that high up onto the tube. If you do it right you will get a very comfortable, flexible and waterproof silicon ring at the base. Because the end that contacts the skin at the base of the penis is formed against the plastic sheet, it is perfectly flat and works great. The light Vaseline coating allows you to easily remove it from the sheet once it is “set”. I did this after several unsuccessful tries with electrical tape. It works great and is very comfortable.



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