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High Vacuum - low minutes


I go for 5 minute sets at a minimum of 10hg, increasing by 0.5 per minute. I worked my way up slowly in about a year, but my cock and veins are extremely conditioned to hard work from jelquing and heavy clamping for years. At this pressure I get no red spots at all and minimum fluid build up. In my new routine I usually do a couple sets after a couple hours hanging, then a couple more after another two hours hanging.

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG


I’m curious.. I’ve been hanging and have tried pumping a bit. I’ve read that doing both as concurrent routines was not necessarily the best way to go (stretching length and then also stretching width). How long have you been doing it this way and do you think it’s beneficial for you?

Also, maybe you can answer for me.. When I pumped, I generally kept it around 5hg as most people say. Once in awhile I would go up to around 10hg for maybe 15-20 seconds and then go back down. I seem to get the best “expansion” around 10hg, but don’t want to leave it there too long. Since the “expansion” is kinda what the goal is, do you think, from you experience with higher levels, it would be helpful to do short amounts of time like this during a regular session at 5hg?

Well I am going at this point strictly for length. I use a very thing pumping tube (1.75). I started this combination about 2 weeks ago, so it is too early talk about results. What I can see though, is that pumping after a couple hours of hanging, my cock easily pass the 9 inch mark inside the tube.

As far as pressure, you have to be very careful with those fast changes from 5hg to 10hg; usually popping up a vessel don’t cause pain; you will see a big red spot and that is too late; is nothing about life or death, but something that we gotta try to avoid. Going up to 10 hg for 15-20 seconds in a 5hg set, I don’t think could be beneficial for gains; instead, keep going at 5hg, if you feel comfortable maybe try 5.5 or 6hg and stay there. Build yourself tolerance slowly.

Present: 8.75" BPEL, 9.25" BPSFL, 5.3" EG

Goal: 1' BPEL, 6.5" EG

I’d agree with that. I can pump for 15mins at 10-15gh. 10hg gives me a normal pumping session, 15hg is quite bearable but gives me donut effect and some internal fluid buildup that takes a few hours to go away. I read posts saying “pump at 4-5 hg”.. That does nothing to me - it’s barely enough to keep the pump stuck to my groin!! I’m using a lapdist 9”x2” typical pumping session is 12hg but I sometimes push it up to 15hg for my final set - my dick comes out one big fat bastard.

Originally Posted by Beretta92
It is obvious to me now that the lower pressure is better, as it keeps me pumped up, but without the donut effect afterward. I’m just wondering about the accuracy of the guages on the popular pumps. I wonder how much variation there is. 10hg is not horribly uncomfortable, 4hg would barely keep me pumped, but 5 seems to be just enough to keep me up in the pump, and does not give me a donut effect afterward. So what do you guys think about the accuracy of the guages? I’m curious to hear from those with more experience. I kind of think my pump is telling me I am at a higher pressure than I am really at. Maybe by something like 2 or 3 hg.

Acceptable vacuum levels are determined by the effects on the tissue that they are acting upon. By all means, start with low levels and track your results. You should only increase levels if you become conditioned to lower levels and will benefit from higher levels. Don’t be impatient, all vets will tell you that gains take time. If you start jacking up vacuum levels without giving a low vacuum program a chance, you’ll likely injure yourself.

With that said, don’t let anyone tell you that higher vacuum levels are unsafe to the veteran conditioned pumper. I have been pumping for over a decade and routinely pump at 5 - 10 Hg, followed by segments at 10 - 15 Hg. I stopped getting the donut effect years ago and have a consistent and satisfying pump at those levels with no spotting and no freakiness in tissue distortion.

The most important thing I have found is to begin with lower vacuum levels (and ideally some heat) until you pack a tube with minimal lymph buildup and good EQ. Then go to the next higher tube size and work into that. In my opinion, a .25” difference is too much with a packing strategy. So I fitted a 2” tube with a insert made from a 1.875” fish gravel cleaning tube. I cut it to length, leaving about half an inch protruding. I then dipped that for 15 seconds or so in boiling water and using an oven mitt, formed the then malleable plastic against the outer tube in a bell shape. The silicone ring then fits over the whole setup nicely. That way I can move from 1.75” to 1.875” to 2”. I am very satisfied with my results.


I too have heard the long skinny combination…

However in your tube example, I feel my penis will get too much friction on the tube and won’t be able to be stretched. My head would expand in that tube, and be like a rubber plug.

I think the tube will need to be a little bigger than my erect girth, with no friction on the shaft so it can stretch as far as it wants to forward.

I have always believed in the oppersite to high vacuum / short time, and I do low vacuum, long time. Usually go to bed at night and finish when I awake in the morning. I think of it like training a a branch of a tree. You can

bend the branch till it nearly breaks, but when you let it go it will always go back to it’s original position. Now to train that branch to stay in the position you want it, you must keep it in the bent or stretched position for as long as possible.

Wow I don’t know how you can sleep all night with a pump clamped to your dick - what are your results like doing that? Is your dick not blue and ready to drop off by morning?

I’ve been pumping for two to three months and I’ve started to pump at 7-9 Hg and I’m still not seeing much results. I really think it all depends on the person. I’ve never gotten fluid build up, dough nuts, not even cap burst ( I do get them from stretching though). I’m probably going to be shooting for the 10-12 Hg range soon. I haven’t rushed into anything it took me a while to feel safe to pump at 7-9 but I never feel any pain. Well sometimes my pelvic bone hurts I guess from the pump pressing against it, but I don’t think that really counts.

Hey Danwile I’d be very interested to hear about your results and experiences of pumping over a ten year period. Also, have you incorporated any other forms of PE into your routine in that period?


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