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High Pressure

High Pressure

I’ve been pumping for a couple of months on and off. I jelq also. I read alot of post’s where guys only use about 5hg or 6hg on their guages with short sets. I have a KAplan pump and his instructions say at the end of the set pump to 8hg or 9hg at the end of the set and never exceed 10hg. I usually pump to 7hg to start and then increase the pressure to 8hg or even 9hg. I have cut my pump time down to 10 min a clip. I was getting alot of fluid build up when I was doin 2 20 minute sets. Of course now I dont. My member is totally average and I can’t seem to get it past 6.25 in the cylinder. My question is is my member just not as flexible or am I a little to excessive.

I dont get too much length extension when I pump with those lower pressures. My pump didnt come with instructions and I used to (stupidly) pump with about 30hg (not a typo, BTW, I really did use this pressure). I got amazing size increases while in the tube. I dont get too much when I use the 8-9hg you use. Your dick sounds like it reacts to the pump just like mine does.

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I have to agree with with both Whome and Gandolph on this. Lower pressure is great when you’re getting into your pump session to get the engorgement going, however, if you guys try my cycling technique you will pack the tube faster apply higher pressures, and gain more length and lig fatigue in the tube. I don’t have a gauge so I’ll go to the point where I can feel a real good “pull” on my dorsal lig gradually applying more pressure each cycle so I get maximum stretch. As a result of this compared to the beginning of the workout and the end I have fatigued and stretched out to about a 1/4”-1/2” gain in the tube. Most importantly, give your penis enough time to adapt to the stretch during the cycles before going too much higher in pressure.

Hey guys thanx for your replies, I also have to send an extra thanx to gandolph for that video series. I am able to duplicate your workout. Ive read the different instructions but it’s so much better to watch it. Back to pumping, I have a kaplan pump and of course instructions, if you like I can post them, but basically it says to work your way up to 3 twenty minute sets and the last 3 min pump up to 8hg or 10hg but never go above 10hg. I’m thinken it’s like my old Trans Am, The Speedometer goes to 120mph but I can only go 55mph. I’m afraid if I go above 10hg or my dick will blow up. Last night I had a good workout(bought some new mags) and after my jelqs, bends and horses, I did 2 ten min sets in the pump. After the 2nd set I pumped to 6.5. Of course being long and fat looks cool but I need results. I started with the pump because a friend of mine had good results in 9 months 1 inch length gain and o.5 girth gain. He also did alot of stretching. But he never went above 6hg or 7hg and seldomly did 60 minutes. Strangely enouph even when I have long sessions I don’t get those red spots and have never gotten a doughnut like I see on some of these pump website.


I think you have given a very good reason why we should not be using Numbers to pump up to. Just as every car /road/ driving conditions/ etc vary so do our dicks. Drive at a safe speed and you will get there. Pump at a comfortable vacuum ,and you will also get there.

If you are new to pumping, use the gauge. Err on the side of safety.

Gandolf, 30hg??? I think you may have had a defective gauge or you were misinterpreting the dial. I’m not even sure a hand pump can pull 30hg, or a tube survive that kind of vacuum. That is certainly the “dangerous shit” area of the gauge.

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