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Hi avocet8

Hi avocet8

Since my last visit to the site back in 2008, you may recall that I was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer,. At that time I told by my Urologist that I only had one option for treatment and that was Radiation. I asked you what you thought of this, your advise was to go ahead and have the Radiation. at that time my PSA was 5.4 which is not considered to be very bad. I had 37 Radiation sessions in BC Canada at Kelowna Cancer hospital. This is rated as one of best in Canada.

Since the treatment, I have had my PSA checked every six months, my last PSA check was .054. considered to be almost zero.

My heath has been up and down since then. I had Arthritis in both knees, I had both my knees replaced, the surgery went well and I can now walk 2, 3, miles without pain. By the way have just turned 75. I go to the gym five days a week. I am trying to keep what I have got, not to build muscle.

Now, can you help me again, I am also trying to keep my penis working. As you probably know after Radiation it become difficult, and in some cases to get an erection. For the last two years I have been using a Vacurect device, can be seen at: The product seemed to work well for a while, However, of late it has lost it’s Vacuum. I have sent it back to the manufactures for service. I have also looked on the web, there is a new device called “Bathmate” which is the only pump that can be used in the bath. What do you know about this device? You can view the device at, let me know what you think

Any help you can provide will be appreciated


I’m no expert or pumps (i’ve never used one) but the bathmate is very popular on here, pretty much the #1 recommended pump.

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I’m going to disagree on that evaluation, LordVayne, that the Bathmate is ‘pretty much the #1 recommended pump’ here.

That said, a number of us here do have a Bathmate, and it is a decent pump, especially if you want to do water pumping.

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Originally Posted by LordVayne
I’m no expert or pumps (i’ve never used one) but the bathmate is very popular on here, pretty much the #1 recommended pump.

The number 1 recommended pump for ‘water pumping’ maybe?

First off - CONGRATS on beating the cancer!

Terry, what are you trying to accomplish? Enlargement or erection? If it is erection, if I were you I would ask your urologist/doctor about which medical device you should get.

Or are you trying to follow this?
Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

Originally Posted by avocet8
One productive thing you can do is a series of mini-pumps, the object being to mimic those old patterns. To best accomplish this, make your vacuum pumped erections last only about 5 minutes each but do a bunch of them, just as happened nearly every night when you were “normal.” Pump at the lowest vacuum pressure that works. 3 – 5 HG is good. A little more HG pressure is OK, but only if you can tolerate that. Be as gentle as possible, though, remembering that it is not necessary that you get a cat-scratching post while in the tube. Any level of increased engorgement indicates blood flow and blood flow in brings oxygen in. You want oxygenated blood going in, a lot more than it has been since you got ED.\

If so I think that would be difficult to do with the bathmate because:

- bathmate does not have a pressure gauge

- to me bathmate is more difficult to set up than an “air pump”

For example:

BATHMATE: Draw bath and get correct water temperature


“air pump”: Lube cylinder and penis with KY


Please ask if you want recommendations for “air pump” set ups.

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