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Hey Luduvus and other pumpers

Hey Luduvus and other pumpers

Is the practice of pumpling for increased size, or is it just fun?


Both. Read posts in the Pumper’s Forum.



I don’t know yet. I guess it could be fun if the wife got in on some pumping for fun. I can tell you that 4-5 min in the tube seems like forever when alone (at least to me).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


A good, responsible pumping routine in conjunction with other PE techniques works quite well for gains. For me, the gains have been most noticeable in the girth area. Also, pumping does feel very good and does wonders for keeping the circulation going.


Need more conversation

I agree, have only done 3 months consistantly and have tried stretching and jelqing. Have seen some minor results but have been to forums that are just about enjoyment. I don’t, I like the gains and watch the clock until my sets finished. I do know a guy who had gains and thats why I bought one. I have yet to do an hour and thats what is recomended at the Joel Kaplan web site. I’m thinken about getting the hanger because I got roomates and it seems hard to get erect to do jelqs at night or use the pump. What do you think


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