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Hey, all you pumpers?

Hey, all you pumpers?

For a guy who is 8.5” x 6.5-7” what could he expect to gain from a long pumping session at a low pressure? I’ve heard on the fourms that pumping only provides tempory gains.. I’m sure that there are some pumping vets here that can sound off and give me an idea of what I could expect from using a quality pump in a safe manner…

Let’s say you pump for 20 mins at 3 Hg, I dare say barely an inch if your lucky and that may only last for about a few hours. As for long term, I can’t say only been pumping a few weeks. I believe as you build up time and pressure you will probably notice larger increases post pumping, this does not necessarily translate to permanent gains.

rolo; you’ll likely find that the longer you’ve been at pumping, the longer that post-pump flaccid size will last.


All doubters believe pumping gains are not permanent; those of us who have got gains from pumping believe that isn’t so.

Personally, I think the key is in combining pumping with other PE exercises and at moderate pressures. Because pumping gives such good girth and length stretch, it’s a terrific way to augment and perhaps to cement expansion you get from stretching, jelking, squeezes, etc. Plus it feels damned good.

I’ve noticed from posts here in this forum that we’ve all had different flaccid experiences both in post-pumping size and the length of time that lasts. I’ve been doing this a pretty long time and can usually count on hanging longer and heavier for a day or two – not the size I am for the first few hours, but enough to make me a “shower” which I never was before taking up pumping. I’ve already posted about the erect gain I got from pumping without other PE exercises.

If you do decide to try it, with the size you are now, you should get a cylinder at least 10 inches long, maybe even a 12” one in case you are one of those guys who gets great length expansion under vacuum. You don’t want to be hitting the air coupler at the top of the tube with your glans. You’d need a 2.25” diameter cylinder since your girth is already substantial.

I’m curious to know what your ultimate goal is. I’m close to where you are now and have been thinking lately that I’m pretty content with that, not wanting to size myself out of some sexual experiences I now enjoy. Of course, there’s the other side of PE many of us get caught up with: do you ever have enough? :-)




thanks for the information, I appreciate it greatly. As for my goals they may be slightly different from most people here and are as follows…

A) I want to be able to control my ejaculation to the point where I cum “only” when I want to.. As for the time it takes me to get there as long as I continue to see improvement, I will keep on PEing. At one point shortly after starting my PE endeavors I had several sessons where I lasted over 20 minutes which according to my life long problem of cuming to fast was like nothing short of actually flying (on my own). This first and foremost is my goal and anything else I gain is secondary at best.. Being that my wife had an affair with a guy who was around 5 inches and no girth to speak of *and* went back for more (several times) I know better then anyone that a average to small penis that can last is much better than a much larger one that can’t last :(

B) I had my first goal being set as 10” x 7.5”.. I came up with this because I had read so many posts on the of these guys getting 1 to 1.5 inches within the first month or so, being that I started out with a very easy 8” x 6.5’ (7.2 at base) I thought this goal would be easy, I THOUGHT WRONG! I’m into PE now 3 and 1/2 months and have gained only 1/2 inch of length at best (and I have hit it very fucking hard with the routine).. My girth gains are huge 3 hours after PE but by the next day they are close to where I was before starting.. I have thus shifted my goal to 9” x 7” (midshaft) and focus on that)… My goal will be a NBP measurement.. Depending on how long it takes to get that I will go for my second goal of AS MUSH AS I CAN GET!… My wife is 4’10” (very small).. When I met her she weighed around 95lbs and I can verify that she can take a 10” x 7” dildo to the nuts, hard, and like it to the point she was pushing against it with at least equal force I was excerting into her! One thing for sure is that if it takes me to the end of the year to hit 9” NBP length I will do only enough PE to keep that length and do nothing else but Girth work.. If I could end up with 7.5 to 8” girth that would do it for me… I’m always looking for ways to improve my ejaculation problem and intend to try hypnotherapy next…

Avocet8, yes I have started to notice some slight increases in flaccid length for longer periods. However, erect gains are still yet to manifest. I know this is a dumb ass question, but in your experience is there any way to ‘induce ’ erect gains? By this I mean when you noticed erect (or flaccid gains) for that matter were you doing anything different?

Regards Rolo


I just kept doing what I had been doing (see the first post in the Pumping 101 thread).

It’s been awhile, but I don’t think I saw any gain for 6 - 8 weeks. It might happen sooner for you because you are combining pumping with other exercises whereas I was only pumping - this was before I even knew about PE.



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