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Here I am

Here I am

Hello everybody, my name is Josip, I have already presented myself in the main forum some days ago…I have been PEing since 2000 and finally decided to start pumping…

I have been reading the forum and learned a lot, I want to thank you guys!

I plan to order a pump within the the next two weeks. As I am knew to pumping I´m gonna ask a few questions.

First of all you should know that I want to focus on girth, and of course I will continue my regular routine of jelq, pc and girth exercises.

1. I found 2 interesting sites

Which one do you guys recommend?

2. Cylinder size.

My current girth is 5.4 and 5.3 under the penis head
Would a 2 inch ID (internal diameter) cylinder be ok for me? (please consider I want to focus on girth)
I thought that maybe 1.9 inches ID would be better.
I read some guys use 1.75 and some 2”.

Since I am focusing on girth I thought the cylinder shouldn´t be longer than 9-9.5 inches. Am I right?

3. Is it better to pump before or after manual PE (jelq plus girth exercises)?

4. Will my PE experience help me to get used to the pump faster? (I mean my dick)

5. What kind of lube can use for sealing…The only lube I know is baby oil…
Is vaseline ok?

6.Does anybody sell a hand pump, gauge and cylinder? (for my size)

I hope I will be able to get 1/2 inch of girth for sex in a some months…I don´t care if it is not permanent…but if it is there when I need it that will be permanent enough.

I am sorry to bother with so many questions, and of course, thanks in advance.

Cheers, Josip.

Anybody there?

Yes, but it’s a holiday here in the US and some of us don’t spend so much time here on holiday.

1) It’s your call. I belive NW, though, offers tubes in 1/4th inch increments; yes, guys?

2) You are near the middle of two sizes - 1.75” and 2.00” so you could go either way. If you buy from NW and they offer a 1 7/8ths tube, buy that. If you buy the 1.75” inch from LA Pump, you can always budget to purchase another, larger tube later.

3) I think it’s better to do short pumping sets (8 min or less) and between them do your manual exercises.

4) If your previous experience is manual exercises, they do not condition your dick in the ways you will need to get used to vacuum pressure. So start with the program outlined in Pumping 101 above.

5) Read Pumping 101.

6) Do you mean, like individuals here in the Pumpers’ Forum, or companies?

Buy a 10” tube if you have a choice and the price is the same. The length of the tube will not affect your girth gains, but you may someday appreciate having the extra length space.

Welcome to the club! Keep us informed as to how it goes for you.



Avocet8, thanks man!

I just hope pumping will give me some extra girth for sex…even though it is not permanent…at leat at the start…I hope it will come faster than with manual PE alone… Am I right?

To be honest I am a little bit tired of manual PE and I need a change…something new.

I´ll let you know when I get the pump.

About question 6, I mean you guys.




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