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Help with the procedure

Help with the procedure

This is going to sound pretty sad, but I need help. I’m not officially starting for another 2 weeks, but I gave a quick try last night to get an idea. I first lubed up the flange of the tube and inner couple of inches with KY and put it aside. I next tried to arouse myself using the KY as a lubricant, but it was much more difficult than my usual baby lotion that I use because it dries so quickly. When I finally got pretty erect I went into the tube, but it was hard to fit the tube all the way down my shaft due to my base girth (2” tube). By the time I shoved it in, my erection had faded somewhat and I think the KY had started to dry. I kegeled in the tube, but was not “naturally” erect, and when I came out of the tube I was not really hard at all. Also, how do you clean the inside of the tube? Will water hurt the connector? Are their any tricks to make this process easier?

p.s. I got a great seal

One foot to go

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You can use any lubricant you like. If baby lotion is better for you, use that. The cylinder can be washed in the sink with hot water (assuming you have a commercial cylinder) and the connector should just unscrew. Porn helps to get me erect for pumping. I don’t doubt your seal was a good one and you shouldn’t have any trouble with your scrotum being pulling into the tube.

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