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Help with pumping questions

Help with pumping questions

I want to know the gist of pumping, like exactly ‘what’ it does in order to create or cement gains, if anyone minds.

I have been doing some tame exercises for the past year and have gained about an inch both ways, but my gains have come to a screeching halt as of late. My routine consisted of simple Jelq squeezes and wearing an ADS for around 10 hours a day.

This week I have started clamping with an ace bandage and a hose clamp, about 20 minutes per day, as well as hanging with 15 pounds for a total of 45 minutes per day. I was wondering if I could slide pumping in there as well and what good it would do.


I would add pumping b/c it works .The gains are slow but sure. Do it at least 3-4 x week.

I would add pumping because it works .The gains are slow but sure. Do it at least 3-4 times per week.

Really didn’t answer my question.

Looks like with your routine pumping could be very handy to circulate the blood through
Your member after those long ad sessions and a lot of people use the pumping/hanging combination in there routines and have had success with them.

It should help with general penis health so it should help keep erections hard and help prevent any injuries possible injuries caused by using the ads for an extended period of time.(lack of blood flow)

In terms of cementing gains with pumping you would have to be very consistent to keep your gains from pumping most people stick to doing it every day even for a short time just for maintenance, hope I helped a bit:) wearing the ace bandage after a pumping session should help encourage growth too

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Pumping pulls fluid into the cavities of the penis and makes the tissues expand to accommodate it.

There’s a physcogolical part too. Pumping creates a vacuum and sucks your unit evenly into a tube. It also pulls the tube into your body (if that makes sense) so you see yourself much bigger and longer than you ordinarily would. Example, I’m, on the heavy side. I’m above average lay a ruler on top I’m about 7.5”

Put on the pump (which is about 6” Dia and 9” long) and with some warm up it fills the tube. This is only temporary, but seeing that big makes you want more and if it can fill the tube.well maybe I can get it that big outside. Slow but sure it grows - I couldn’t pack the tube when I started, but now, I always can and need a bigger one.

It also leaves you a bit engorged with blood so it feels bigger in your hand and in the mirror. You will hear people say it doesn’t work, but that’s because (I think) that they are not doing it right, or they have just plateaued.

We are all different, but read the other threads, DO NOT ignore the advice about times and pressures, and buy a quality unit -Try the LA Pumps website.

Hope that helps, if you want more info, reply specifically.


Thanks all.

Originally Posted by dodge
Put on the pump (which is about 6” Dia and 9” long) and with some warm up it fills the tube.


You’re packing a 6” DIAMETER tube? Wow!

(I can pack a 2” diameter tube, which has a circumference of 6.28*.)

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


Hang in there, Pumping to your routine will help get you growing again. I had the same thing happen to me.
Keep working on your routine with pumping and clamping, you’ll be very happy in a few more months

Can someone provide a link to the LA pump website I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks alot Rabo

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