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help please

help please

I am new to Pe (May 10 2003). I had some quick gains at first because I needed the blood flow,from 5.5 bpel to 6.25 bpel with girth increased from4.5 to 5.0 . I do stechtes,jelqs,and intense uli’s . I very much notice new veins not visible before with “new’ ones appearing regularly. I don’t count reps,I just am very intense with waht I do. Is the site of new veins “promisisng”?,is my CC expanding causing the veins to be prominent?,with new gains in the near future. I would like to start trying to “fill” my pump amd be very intense with this,usually I just play with it at the end of workout just for fun. I intend to start pumping more seriously. I uli and jelq very intensely and stretch every chance I get. I am not Interested In hanging presently.

I take supplements to support more blood flow.(Enztye,Niacin,Androsenedione,Korean Ginseng).Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I like the lig pull with the pump and feel intensifying this surely wont hurt(with common sense in mind)


Those are quick gains and good for you.

The veining you are seeing are a result of your gradually improving your penile vascular system. Not only are the cavernosa expanding in their capacity to hold blood, but your arterial “delivery system” is becoming more efficient, this a good thing. So celebrate every new vein/artery enlargement, I say.



Avocet8 - what is your experience, gains of pumping, I’m looking for specific answers as to wether the gains are permanent if done for long enough or not. As of yet I’m struggling to get a definitive answer. Can you help me on this one?


I say that you should milk jelqing for all it can give you. Read over and over the pumping forum and decide for yourself. Try stretching too. All relativly free. Save some cash up and come to a conclusion what you need. Many esteemed vets like Japp made obscene gains while using pumping. So I can’t tell you from first hand experience.

It seems like pumping is the bastrd son of all PE. Many don’t like it. It costs money and is the most visible means of being found out for our little secret hobby. Many moons ago people that were hanging were thought of in the same manner.

What are you looking to increase? Length or just girth, or in some fraction thereof?

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I’m looking for a bit of length maybe but definitely girth is my objective


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