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Help me choose

Help me choose


I want to try out pumping to help me with my girth.

Unfortunately, I can’t get those nice pumps for reasonable prices like they sell in the US, here in The Netherlands. I have found 2 pumps that they sell here that have a gauge. The Magnum pump for 80 euro’s and the Titan pump for 125 euro’s. Can you advise me which one you think is better? If the Magnum pump is okay then I’ll take that one ofcourse.

Here are links to see the 2 products: (Magnum) (Titan)

So can I get some nice girth by exercising with one of these pumps?
And also, just for reassurance, will this help my penis to stay bigger in it’s flaccid state too?

Thanks for any help and advice.

Hi, swoosh;

They both look okay to me. Both have a gauge. The more expensive one had a sort of new-age grip, but who cares? A little tube of lube as a bonus? Buy your own.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see anything mentioning the option of purchasing a tube to fit your own specific cock size. This is important to either girth or length work.

At first look for a very temporary, post-workout increase in girth and length; an hour or two. But over time (months) most of us find that that lasts longer and longer as your penile tissues are conditioned and stretched. If you’re a lucky one, you’ll see that happen early on. Flaccid growth seems pretty common here for most; mine took its sweet time kicking in but now is very good.

Lookingformore lives not too far away from you, just a country away. He may have some advice as to where to go for alternative pumps that may help.



Thanks avocet8, for the fast reply! :)

I could not find a place here where you can specify the size tube you want. There don’t seem to be companies like LA pump here….only sex shops with the fixed size pumps. I think the pumps I mentioned have about a 2 inch circumference or a bit more maybe. My current girth is 4.75 ” and length is 7 “…so a reasonable length with lacking girth.

I read that for my girth the best would be a 1.75 ” tube girth…but since the best I can get here are the Magnum and Titan (+ridiculously priced Kaplan) I thought I’ll just have to do with a bigger than ideal tube girth.
I’m not looking to gain length with the pumping, just girth, any length would be a bonus. So a big circumference of the tube would be good for getting the extra girth on my penis as I understand, as long as my balls don’t get sucked in too. I was hoping the latex sleeve that the magnum pump has would prevent this from happening…

Anyway, thanks.
I’ll ask Lookingformore where he bought his pump and otherwise I think I’ll just try the Magnum pump.

You can find Kaplans on Ebay for good pricing!

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