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Help, I need input...Exhaustion, Dysfunction or is it Psychological?

Help, I need input...Exhaustion, Dysfunction or is it Psychological?

First, I would like to thank everyone here at Thunder’s who contributes to this Pumper’s section on a regular basis. I’m 21 and without you guys I would just be another misinformed young man in his room who horribly distorts his dick everyday; thanks a million. ;)

I’m a pure pumper here whose only real goal is length as i’m satisfied plenty with my girth. I know just about everyone here incorporates manual Pe techniques into their daily regimen, but I have to admit the sensations of jelqing, stretches, and squeezes even with lots of lube, feel strange and alien to me. They can barely hold or give me any sort of decent erection while performing them, so for now i stay away from them.
The pump i use is the Maxitone 12 (12” 32cm) model from the circumference of the pump is 2” (should have got a trigger gauge) it also has centimeter measurement marked on the cylinder

I’ve had this pump for about 7 months and have only really focused on it for the last 2 months as pumping sessions are becoming more frequent (sometimes twice a day).

Recently this has been my workout.. my goal length is 9 inches I am currently at just above 8
(20cm-21cm range) when i started I was slightly under 8 inches.

1- I usually pop in an adult film into my dvd drive on my pc to get the blood going, or I refer to downloaded movie clips.
Images alone rarely do anything for me anymore.

2- A pre-pump session just to get my penis ready..i’ll just give a few full slow pumps to get blood in the region.
I relax and repeat for about 3-5 minutes.

3- Full workout time. I use a silicon jelly donut (never tears) it gives a tremendous seal, has a small opening that gives a penis ring feel once you start pumping and getting hard. I just wish I could remember the brand name. I pump up trying to help push my erection rather than just using the pump to force one. This is a difficult task!! and depends on the stress of my day to day life meter.

I push the erection up to about 21cm…let go of the trigger and see how far the natural flow takes me. Depending on the day it will shoot up to 22cm or close to 23 on its’ own; so close to my goal every now and again i tend to go beserk with impatience and force it there. I am getting that under control by the way. ;) I follow the saying an old friend use to tell me about how “The pyramids weren’t built in a day.”

After I let my penis try to go past the limits more on its own I release the pressure and repeat this about 10-12 times maxing out a few times in between and on the last stretch holding the last one for a few minutes for a good pull, massage, and then i’m done for the day unless i get aroused later on. I also stop if I even see a hint of a welt forming under the head. I stay true to listening to my dick more and any pump pressure that causes stinging or burning I try my best to stay away from.

I’ve tried all kinds of ways to lengthen my routine in 7 months without fluid build up, but something keeps telling me and I completely agree with Avocet on this one that shorter sessions are the way to go. Anything else just causes fluid build up unless you do longer and a little lower than moderate pressure pumping, even though it’s the opposite it may be giving the same sort of result I think. I have tried both and like the one i’m doing now more it lasts 15 minutes tops, I feel like I got good pulls with minor or no fluid build up when done. Makes me a little less obsessed with my penis too. ;)

Sitting down i can get a pretty mean erection it’s also the position i’m in when i pump or masturbate, however; my standing or any non sitting erection is complete shit. My penis easily falls limp even though i think i feel pretty aroused. I don’t know if I should be so proud of my small length gains if it’s at the cost of a standing or upright positioned erection. I’m wondering if the pumping is causing this or is it me..

I had my first experience last night and it was an absolute nightmare all around, the girl wasn’t hot didn’t know what she was doing (teeth on the you know what to add to it) my penis didn’t show up at all. I pumped before my rendezvous as well, but it took a few hours to reach my destination.


Good to have you aboard. I hope you reach your goal. You are starting out well ahead of most who enter into PE.

I understand your perception that some exercises feel alien and if that is the case, don’t do them. One you might tryand try to get used to, though, is a series of manual stretches while you are still flaccid, after a warm wrap and prior to any pump activity. These will give you very good and non-stressful lig stretch and possibly over time prep you for more length expansion under pressure.

Coincidently, I was telling another pumper friend yesterday about a manual stretch excercise Big Al recommended a long time ago and which I don’t see mentioned often. It’s called a “propeller.”

While flaccid, hold your glans firmly and pull outward (not painfully but very firmly), then rotate your dick clockwise, then counter-clockwise, and repeat.

You will feel significant stretch, particularly at the base on the left and right sides of your shaft, and while doing it you are pulling your whole shaft out to your max flaccid capacity. Try this a few days (using the usual cautions) and see if you don’t see a further increase in your pumped length and later on in time in your erect length.

Unpleasant sexual experiences and resulting non-erections:
Don’t worry about this at all. You worry when, repeatedly, you are turned on by your partner and you don’t go up.

Body position and erection quality:
This is a weird and little-understood phenomenon, and also a very common experience. There are some men who can only sustain good erections while prone, others who only sustain them while standing, still others who need to be laying on one side or the other or just laying on any side, and still others who lose it every time they are on their back.

This most probably relates to an individual’s specific vascular physics and until somebody comes up with an understandable explanation and solution, I’d suggest you avoid those positions that hamper you and use the ones that give you the best benefit. There are a ton of sitting positions for intercourse, as there are for other body postures. Btw, the most successful (erection-quality-wise) sexual postion for the most men is “doggy style.”



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