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Heat = Quickest way to pack a tube.

Gonna try this one tonight: bought the Walgreen’s (HoMedics Brand) heating pad… wish me luck!

(have a 2” cylinder that I’ve never really been able to fully pack, only around the base… let’s see if that changes.)

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Great idea I even got the old pump out and tried it. I like it a lot better and I will add this to my new routine that I am starting today..I did notice it was a fine line between to hot and not hot enough, so I made a few adjustments and just right. Heating pad and rice soak perfect combo. I did what I deemed the “21” and wow did it enlarge the penis.
You pump for 7 minutes then do “21” reps of the old milk the penis and then shake around, then start again two more times for a total of “21” minutes in the pump and 3 jelqs sessions of “21” each or a total of sixty-three. After talking to Boxcar23 and reading this by MagnumXL and of course reading alot of avocet8 I’m getting into pumping again with a lot of motivation. ;)

Thx Guys

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

I just finished my 3rd time doing these and they are Great..Pumped and full.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Was going to buy an electric heating pad but they looked pretty pricey so I settled for a
fairly large (long) wheat bag . 2-1/2 minutes in the microwave and stays warm for up to 40 minutes. No danger of burns and keeps you nice and cosy while you punp. Works great. Many thanks for that suggestion.

I can pack my 2” in about 20 minutes then the 2-1/4” for another 20 then up to the 2-1/2” for an hour or more.

Also try a hair dryer and blow hot air on to the tube.

Sounds like a really good idea. Just to clarify, you heat your pad up, wrap it around the cylinder, wait for it to heat and then pump as per usual? Or do you guys hold the heat pump on the cylinder for the entire session?

You will get the best esults in ligament relaxing and stretching if the ligament is warm to hot ( but not uncomforatbly so) for the duration of the pumping session

Huge bump! Thanks, I would have never discovered this thread.

Going to try it today.

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Very interesting read, when I start pumping after I have conditioned myself I will have to try this method.

Great discovery Magnum :)

Originally Posted by MDC
I’m trying it right now. The other day I packed the first couple of inches without the heat. That’s 7” girth. We’ll see what happens today.

I also pack the first inches of my tubes. I’m sorry to say that in my case,
much of that “Packing” is scrotum skin..


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I’ve been doing this with a rice- filled heating- pad.
Works allright, but I have burned my skin sometimes, resulting in red
areas on the shaft. So be careful not to burn yourself.


January 2009: BPEL: 8.6" EG: 5.7"

Goal for 2009: BPEL: 8.75" EG: 6"

Ultimate goal: BPEL: 9" EG: 6.5"

Anywhere online to buy a heating pad that ships outside the US?

I have been using this technique lately and I have been seeing some impressive results. I have not packed my tube fully, but I have become close. It is a 2” diameter tube but I do not have a pump with a vacuum gage hooked up to it yet. I usually pump just enough to get a good seal and some good tension on everything. So far, I have avoided and fluid blisters and the like. I do get an impressive fuller longer unit. I do wonder, to those of you that are packing your you slowly keep upping the pressure until you pack it? Right now my routine is laying on a heating pad for 5-10 minutes before hand to loosen everything up. I even do some mild jelqing and stretching, but mostly just lay on the pad to get my ligaments heated up. Then I pump with a heat wrap on the tube for 10 minutes at a time. With a 10 minute break with heat applied the whole 10 minute break. I repeat 3 times for 3 reps a day. I tried pumping before years ago without heat, and I did get blisters. So I feel that I am hitting something right, good pink color the entire time great hang and fullness after. But, I was just wondering on how you manage to pack it. If it was continual increasing of pressure, or just extended time frame.

Thank you.

I pack the tube through an extended time frame. If I am not getting expansion via more time, I do not want to try to force it.

I feel like Yoda: “Impatience leads to force. Force leads to injury. Injury leads to tissue toughening. Tissue toughening leads to an end to growth. Wise is the Jedi who too much force does not use.”

(Fortunately, I do not look like Yoda.)

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I would purchase a heating pad that was useable with your local electricity. Do you have 240 volts or 120? U.S. is 120 If you have that try


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