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Heat Pad Pumping Question

Heat Pad Pumping Question

I tried pumping with heat today, works great. I have Heat Pad with 3 heat settings, I used the lowest to be safe.
I was curious about what settings everyone else uses? Do you get better expansion with higher settings, and if so what are the risks of getting burnt? Anything else you can tell me about pumping with heat would be very helpful.


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I used to pump with the pad set on high. The only problem I had was it caused the heat pads to burn out rather quickly, on the order of every 3 months. I have since changed to the medium setting, or one step down from high, and heat pad life has gone way up.

Even on the high settings, I never got burnt, but it always is smart to check the outside temp of the tube with your hand every once and awhile. Unless you are packing the tube, there is always an air boundary between the sides of the tube and your cock that buffers the temp.

I’ve been using the highest setting (of three). The pad gets much warmer than the air in the tube (much of which has been sucked out). Neither the tube nor the pad gets too hot to touch.

I have a heatpad too and used to use it on the highest of the 3 settings.

I now use a rice sock and much prefer it as I can heat it to a higher temperature, it only take 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave where my pad took quite a while to get up to temperature.

The rice sock needs re heating every 20 or 25 minutes though so if you are doing a long routine it could become a pain.

Hmm, not sure I’d want it any hotter than what I have now. I plug in the pad and wrap the tube in it in advance, I.e., while I’m in the shower doing the warm-up and initial stretches.

High heat is not necessary. All you really need is to stay warm.

I use high heat, and if you want it to get real hot fold the pad so the two sides are touching. This will make it even hotter. I’ve been using my heat pad for a very long time on high. It still works just fine, it sounds like you guys need to buy a better quality pad.

I got mine from Walmart for about twenty bucks a few years ago. It has 4 heat settings.

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Just be sure you are not frying something, on a cellular level. Heat may promote cell growth. I doubt Hot does.



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