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He tried it, he likes it!

He tried it, he likes it!

I’ve been doing some dry jelqing irregularly for a year or more and started ball stretching about 6 months ago. About a month ago I stumbled into this site looking for an active ball stretching forum. Out of curiosity, looked through the pumper forum and was really surprised with what I found. Pumping 101 made it sound like pumping really worked! While there’s not much here about ball pumping(and I agree most sites are full of scary things), I decided to give pumping a dedicated try.

I decided I wanted to ‘package pump’ penis and balls so I got a 4” tube from PumpToys with a large soft seal that would accept both. And has been mentioned, it quite a sensation! I was convinced to take it easy as advocated by Avocet and have started with 2-7 minutes sessions at low vacuum. Actually, I found that 3”/HG is about all I’m comfortable with for now, and I’m in no hurry so I’ll just keep it comfortable for as I begin. I’ve also found that jelqing between sessions is not easily done. I come out of the tube fairly erect and I avoid jelqing if I can’t get a good grip at the base, I don’t want to force the base too much and end up with any erection problems.

Another surprise has been the quality of tug on my balls. I imagined that ball pumping would just expand the scrotum and not effect the balls much but that has not been the case. I can feel a nice firm tug just as if I had encircled them with thumb and forefinger held as ‘ok’ and given them a nice tug. The nice part is that in the cylinder, the scrotum skin is expanded instead of being held tightly against the balls as happens when stretching. I really think that is a nice effect.

Anyway, thought I’d let everyone know I’m here and I like how pumping has started!


Welcome to Thunder’s.

I don’t pump as yet but tell me, do you notice that your balls increase in size after a session or is it just the feel?


Thanks for the welcome. I’m still new at this, this is actually just my first week. I have noticed that the scrotum is much plumper when I put on a stretcher, usually an hour or so later. But honestly, I don’t expect to see the testes increase in size. So we’ll see.

Hey Billy, we had a good ball stretching thread going here at Thunder’s last year. Try and find it on a search. It might be titled low hanging balls and started by Cyberstud, I think. Several of us here use rings such as the ones found on pumptoys. I’m up to 10.



Yes, I had looked at some of the earlier postings, tho it seems to have slowed lately. I’m using split collars. I tried rings when I started but had trouble keeping them on. Do you wear 10 rings often or only short periods?


Could you imagine what would go through the heads of the first people to pull your pants off, if you were to be killed driving your car or something with rings around your sack? I’m sure something of that sort has happened, whether it was rings around the sack or a stretching/hanging device on the penis. It’s had to have happened at least once.

I think I’m going to try some rings around the sack about this time next year, depending on how things are going with PE and money. I might give it a shot in sex months. I’ll know when the time comes. :)

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Yes, I can imagine. I can also guess that emergency room folks can tell some weird stories about what they see come in!

Getting started stretching need not cost much. Some just start with 1.5” rings steel rings you can buy in any hardware store, they don’t cost much. They’re plated and welded so pick some that have a smooth joint. I always had trouble getting them on and keeping them on at first. Later I bought 2- 1.5”ID split collars from an industrial supply store made of stainless steel, they’re 1/2” tall. They work fine but the inside surface didn’t really have enough radius or ‘rolled over’ edge so they were a bit uncomfortable after a few hours. I only paid $12 each for them. Many find stretching positively addictive, I know I have! Give it a try.



Hey Billy anmd KOG:

Well, KOG, if I’m dead, I won’t much give a fuck if they find me with rings on my nut sac. But, yes, I have thot about it if I’m in a wreck and have to go to the ER. But as Billy has said, they’ve seen EVERYTHING, from the normal to peope having to have surgery to remove cucumbers, bottles, dildoes etc. from their cunts and assholes.

Billy, I’ve been looking for split collars - we’re do you get them? I’ve seen them on several ball stetching sites but have had no replies as to where they were bought.

KOG, as Billy said, you can get the rings at a hardware store, mine are 1 and 3/4, measured from center to center. Use a toilet paper roll to measure yourself. Go on pumptoys to look at what they look like and then go to Lowe’s or somewhere like that. You’ll have to learn how to use them, I use the sock tuck, or they can come tumbling down your leg at the most inopportune time - like when I was next to this lady in the grocery store about 3 weeks ago. I’ve worn mine as much as 22 hours a day. You sort of forget you have them on. But I’ve started a more intense PE program, also using the Homedic Therea P band and cable clamp after PE sessions, I now put on the rings when I go to bed and take them off when I get up. During the summer, I wear Tommy Bahama silk pants, and when the rings are swinging from my nut sack as I walk, it looks as tho there’s a squirrel fight going on in my pants. Altho I have a little cock, the ball swing is VERY ego boasting. Glenn

I started with industrial collars. I bought them from Motion Industries, they have stores all over the U.S.and are probably in your local phone book. I bought 1.5” Stainless steel split shaft collars. Mine were well made, smooth, no rough edges or burrs, but as I mentioned the inside face doesn’t have enough radius to be worn for more than a few hours. (And part of that may have been just getting used to them.)

Later, I bought a ball stretching collar from They’re based in the UK and sell good quality stuff, many sizes etc. They have an interesting grooved design that allows you to add things to the collar.

Recently I heard of, their prices are a bit lower but they don’t offer different ID’s they’re all one size, which might not matter for you. And there are many other sites, a Google search for stainless ball stretchers will show you many.

the PE isle at Home Depot


What do you ask for in a hardware store for stainless steel rings? On what isle would you find them at Home Depot or Lowes? I’m tired of paying outrageous prices for them at Adult novelty stores, when I’m sure you can buy them at HD for a fraction of the price. Only the Home Depots in Texas don’t feature a PE isle.


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Actually, the standard hardware store rings are not stainless, they are just mild steel that is rolled, welded in the ring and plated. Normally they can be found(like Home Depot) displayed with chain. Normally, chain displays have ‘S’ hooks, rings, ‘eye’ bolts etc. You might also look with fencing hardware. My local hardware store has a pretty good display of this type of hardware, but interestingly the 1.5” rings were all sold out! Hhhhmmm! If you find them, look them over, some of the welded spots are rougher than others.

The site I mentioned earlier eurotique does show a one piece solid stainless ring that could be used instead of these hardware store items. The hardware store items are about 1/4” thick, the eurotique items are about 5/8” thick but cost $30.

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