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Has anyone made a diaphragm air pump?

Has anyone made a diaphragm air pump?

I’m looking to make a diaphragm air pump and was wondering if anyone on here’s done that. I can get a variable speed motor online for under 100, just need to make the diaphragm and connect the two. Initially, I’m thinking of using 4” pvc, some flat stock sheet metal, connect with rubber innertube from say a wheelbarrow tire for the flexible part. A 4” tube with a stroke of 3” should do quite nicely. Has anyone done this and if so what did you use?

I think making your own pump - the actual pump, is a lot harder than it looks.

For the purpose of a penis pump we don’t need to move much air, low noise is preferred and a maximum vacuum of 15” Hg is adequate - these requirements can be met with a $20 diaphragm pump readily available on the internet.

I have been experimenting with electric pumps for a few years - see my other posts for details. A couple of my pumps are diaphragm design and they seem to work best for me. One is the aquarium air converted to vacuum and the other is a small 12 VDC pump I found on eBay. I also have a 12 VDC piston pump (another eBay purchase) which displaces much more air (creating vacuum faster) but it is noisy and is prone to sticking when cycled on and off regularly. The very common Medela Lactina breast pump uses a piston but is quite expensive even on the used market.

I suggest you consider 12 VDC instead of line voltage (120 VAC). This opened up lots of new possibilities for my designs. There are lots of cheap timing circuits, relays and digital pressure gauges that all work off 12 VDC as well as regulated power supplies to convert line voltage to 12 VDC. Another possibility is 12 VDC battery based systems if portability is desired - look for Li-ion rechargeable battery packs of about 10000 mAh.

Let us know how your project goes!

The motor I’m looking at is a variable speed 12volt. The idea is to move air back and fourth not so much to create a suction. I’d use a 1-way valve to get the minimum suction where I want it and then adjust the stroke to control the upper limit. The idea is to have a variable speed (say zero to 60 rpm) air pump that just moves air. The goal here would be to create a pump that you can use for a longer duration that doesn’t cause bruising. By using the suck/release method (not static pressure), I think this is a realistic goal and the constant suck/release should keep the sensations heightened to stay as erect and as full as possible. Well that’s the theoretical anyway - we’ll see how the actual varies once I get this done.

I hope you will post more details of your design.

There is a nice little 12 VDC valve normally closed valve used in Keurig coffee makers - search eBay using “keurig valve” - they are almost silent, draw 100 mA, include ports for small tubing and can easily be controlled by relay circuits.

You might be inspired by a system made by Mr. Fantastic - he sells on eBay and has his own site - there’s a long thread here in the “Products” sub-forum - look for “Mr. Fantastic Pumping”. He has videos to demonstrate the system.

From your description you might consider a long piston design - watch a video on YouTube on the Medela Lactina - it is definitely “suck/release” but the cycle time is very short, 2-3 seconds.

Thanks, I’ll look these up. If/when I do this, I’ll post it up and share the info and make it variable speed - needs to be adjustable.

My question is would the cycling help us much? Intuitively it seems like stretch and release might help stimulate growth, but lactation is completely different… fluctuation of pressure stimulates the nipples triggering milk production in the mammary glands, but the penis is different.

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